2019 general election

Currently, EU nationals - and their families - are able to apply to the settlement scheme only if they are already living in the UK before it leaves the EU. .css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link{color:inherit;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited{color:#696969;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link:hover,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited:hover,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link:focus,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited:focus{color:#B80000;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:link::after,.css-1hlxxic-PromoLink:visited::after{content:'';position:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;z-index:2;}Thousands rally to support beheaded French teacher. Six of these stepped down or retired. Both mean you can work in the UK, travel in and out of the country and access things like benefits if you're eligible for them. An interactive version can be viewed here.). Video, Parkour group celebrates a decade of success, France teacher attack: Rallies held to support beheaded Samuel Paty, Hay Festival severs UAE ties after sex assault claim by employee, Coronavirus: Dutch PM concedes 'wrong assessment' over royal holiday, US woman faces first federal execution since 1953, Covid-19: Top Palestinian official Saeb Erekat taken to Israeli hospital, How smart devices are exploited for domestic abuse, US election 2020: Lives that could be reshaped by Supreme Court, Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia-Azerbaijan truce broken minutes after deal, ‘I hugged the man who murdered my father’, Missing Hong Kong protester Alexandra Wong 'was held in mainland China'. Infographic from PA Graphics. It only applies to Members of Parliament. Last month, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she believed it could be "relatively quick" for an independent Scotland to rejoin the EU, although she knew there would be conditions to meet. Currently, EU nationals - and their families, 21 MPs were expelled from the Conservative Party, He told the BBC that Brexit had altered European attitudes. This includes a dashboard showing election results by constituency. There have been attempts to move the UK to other electoral systems. The 2019 General Election resulted in a Conservative victory. General Election 2019: full results and analysis, Download ‘General Election 2019: full results and analysis’ report (20 MB, PDF), HoC-GE2019-results-by-candidate-csv (512 KB, Excel Spreadsheet), HoC-GE2019-results-by-constituency-csv (126 KB, Excel Spreadsheet), HoC-GE2019-results-by-candidate-xlsx (375 KB, Excel Spreadsheet), HoC-GE2019-results-by-constituency-xlsx (133 KB, Excel Spreadsheet), dashboard showing election results by constituency, Coronavirus: Support for workers during local lockdowns. Please include your name, age and location with any question you send in. The Conservatives won the most seats - 365 - and also the biggest share of votes, 45%, or about 13.9 million. Of the 11 who were not readmitted, six stepped down, three stood as independents and two stood for the Lib Dems, but none of them won their seats. Published. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions. Do party leaders have to publish their tax returns? When is the next general election in the UK? .css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}The 2019 election is over, and the Conservatives have won a majority of 80 seats. Armenia-Azerbaijan truce broken minutes after deal, Lives that could be reshaped by US Supreme Court, Arctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes. The data may change as it is revised and updated by local authorities during the coming weeks and months. The turnout was 67.3% of registered voters, which represents a 1.5% drop on the 2017 general election. We also know that in 2017, older people were more likely to vote Conservative. Video, Robot dolphins and a skeleton worth millions, Queues in China for experimental Covid-19 vaccine. Find out more about how we use cookies. If you've lived in the UK for less than five years, you'll usually get pre-settled status. By 2022-23, spending on schools in England will be £7.1bn higher than 2019-20. All the latest UK general election 2019 news and polls as Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Co battle to be next UK Prime Minister. However, this figure has been described as "misleading", given that it adds up several years of spending increases, and doesn't account for inflation, the change in how much costs increase over time. You must have started living in the UK by 31 December 2020 (or by the date the UK leaves the EU without a deal). Plaid Cymru retained its 4 seats in Wales. This Commons Library Briefing Paper analyses the results of the 2019 General Election. What will change under a Conservative majority government? Next Labour leader odds: Who will replace Jeremy Corbyn? The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. The Labour Party won 202 seats and 32.1% of the vote, down from 262 seats and 40.0% of the vote in 2017. The final figures in the BBC poll tracker were 43% for the Conservatives, 33% for Labour, 12% for the Lib Dems, 4% for the SNP and 3% each for the Greens and Brexit Party. But probably first prize goes jointly to Opinium and Ipsos Mori, whose final published polls were almost exactly correct. The party won 365 seats, 48 more than in 2017, and 43.6% of the vote, up from 42.3% in 2017. He said: "I think there is a change, yes, because for a lot of people they are looking at what Scottish people are in favour of. Boris … 11 December 2019 . Results of such polls are displayed in this list. That's because the candidate who gets the most votes in their local constituency wins a seat in the House of Commons. We do know that more than 270,000 people under 35 registered to vote in the first few days after the 2019 election was called. These results have been obtained directly from Returning Officers following the election. This was rejected by referendum in 2011. General election 2019: What is the result in my area? Prior to the 2019 United Kingdom general election, various organisations carried out opinion polling to gauge voting intentions. What will Boris Johnson's first week in government look like? That's a very good performance - just a small underestimate of the Conservative share and a slight overestimate of the Labour and Brexit Party shares, with the other parties on the nose. The Scottish National Party won 48 seats, up 13 seats compared with 2017. (Click to view a map of seats won by party. Education is devolved, so policy changes outlined in the Conservative Party manifesto will apply to England only. Video, Parkour group celebrates a decade of success. Related Topics. About .css-yidnqd-InlineLink:link{color:#3F3F42;}.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:visited{color:#696969;}.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:link,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:visited{font-weight:bolder;border-bottom:1px solid #BABABA;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:link:hover,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:visited:hover,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:link:focus,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:visited:focus{border-bottom-color:currentcolor;border-bottom-width:2px;color:#B80000;}@supports (text-underline-offset:0.25em){.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:link,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:visited{border-bottom:none;-webkit-text-decoration:underline #BABABA;text-decoration:underline #BABABA;-webkit-text-decoration-thickness:1px;text-decoration-thickness:1px;-webkit-text-decoration-skip-ink:none;text-decoration-skip-ink:none;text-underline-offset:0.25em;}.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:link:hover,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:visited:hover,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:link:focus,.css-yidnqd-InlineLink:visited:focus{-webkit-text-decoration-color:currentcolor;text-decoration-color:currentcolor;-webkit-text-decoration-thickness:2px;text-decoration-thickness:2px;color:#B80000;}}32 million votes were cast in this election. The Conservatives won the most seats - 365 - … If you are reading this page and can't see the form you will need to visit the mobile version of the BBC website to submit your question or send them via email to YourQuestions@bbc.co.uk. In October, the Home Office said that 1.8 million people had applied to the scheme. VideoAzerbaijan at war: Reporter’s journal, Striking news pictures from around the world, Parkour group celebrates a decade of success. Election 2019; General election 2019: Dennis Skinner voted out in Bolsover. Here, we answer a selection of readers' questions about the results. The Brexit Party won their highest vote share in the North East (8.1%), but they did not win any seats. Coming a good second, for example, makes no difference to a party's success nationally. You can let us know by completing the form below. VideoArctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes, Philippines artificial beach 'bad for environment' VideoPhilippines artificial beach 'bad for environment', 'A year of rising and fading hopes' in Beirut. Otherwise by continuing to use the site you agree to the use of the cookies as they are currently set. Labour, who are in second place, have won 203 seats and a 32.2% share, or about 10.3 million votes. General election 2019 What we learned about the media this election The campaign saw an unprecedented level of criticism of British journalism . Results at-a-glance. Published 18 November 2019. As things stand, Scotland is part of the UK, which is due to leave the EU on 31 January.

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