400 days ending game

(Go ahead and make your jokes about being stuck with Dane Cook for a year. Thank you, that's greatدرج آگهی رایگانآگهی رایگاندرج آگهیدرج آگهی رایگانآگهی رایگاندرج آگهی. If they had trained in a simulator, why would they be looking around as if it was all so unfamiliar?

If this was not an experiment, she would have attacked him as soon as Theo intervened. "So, I think he just made chaos story, with no logic. Like that was not supposed to happen. I'm addition to all things mentioned, the clincher for me was the camera pan at 1:22:45 in the movie right before it cut to outside when Theo smacks the guy around with fire extinguisher outside the hatch.The thing I can't figure out is the progress bar at the end when guy congratulated them on finishing. When he figures it Psychological experiment. But they are also Miss February from a playboy magazine and Theo's cell mate from the beginning in prison.Obviously, if this were a post apocalyptic world, that's unlikely at best. At the end of "40… The one dude gave into the model, so he gets taken out.
The guy with the apron and the knife.I guess I just wanted to make this point. Also, by introducing drugs to cause hysteria the experiment failed right away because they still won't know how people will handle 400 days due to manipulation. But the Shade will be even more lonely without you. You can tell because it has a playback bar moving across the bottom of the screen; vs in the beginning when it was a live feed.In addition, to all this another reason I feel it was only an experiment was because while they were in the own they kept being watched with night vision. But question, why would Walter record a congratulations speech, did he know he wouldn't be around when 400 days was up?If they are simulating a flight, wouldn't they also simulate landing back on Earth after 400 days? There is no way in hell they are gonna continue an experiment after that. Or everyone in the town being from the press conference? With most of it based on a truck stop called Gil's Pitstopon a Georgia highway, "400 Days" tells five linked stories; each taking place at different points in time and from the point of view of a different survivor, from one day before the undead apocalypse to day 400.
They was probably changed while they was in the town;3) All the murder are not clearly shown thence it possible to suppose they were just pretending (also we can't see clearly Emily stabbing Zell);4) When they left the ship they could easily breath that indicate the atmosphere was not changed as supposed in the middle of the film. so them walking into a desolate environment was a hallucination.Its possible the apocalyptic hallucination was all in Theo's mind, hence why Bug and Dvorak quickly disappeared, he couldn't maintain their characters in his mind. Anothers head bashed in. 3) would hallucinating drugs or any drugs other than non essentials really make simulation valid? I have a point...you are trying to find a logic in made up story, story about halucinating people...Good luckOnly way how to find out what realy happend is...ask the author... the matt osterman is writer and director, he has writen this officialy on his site ..."We knew from day 0 that it would be a polarizing film, and boy, we were not wrong. The crew is getting regular shots, supposedly vaccinations, though we never see the doctor give herself one of the shots (though she is popping pills). At the end what are we left with? Almost all theories are correct.

Also did you notice the ships doctor was always asking questions like why do you think this or that. the only things that i still can not figure out is, who was the guy that Theo killed at the top of the hatch? Another "stabbed." its just a movie-- you dont have to spend more of your time.. trying to explain... what happened!..

Keep going. remember dvorak saying he dont remember having been told that they will all recieve injections, he clearly said "I DONT FORGET ANYTHING" meaning that nobody mentioned anyone having injections, so its obvious that the lady was involved from the start or at least knew most of what was happening.just like when theo was stabbed she came to him with meds to stop his bleeding. FUCK. She lies and says that it came from the ship. I will come back to that at the end of my post. Good movie, either way, but I do wish they'd given a little more direction. A map with a cluster of towns so close, within walking distance of each other, unlikely. 1 with anger issues? I understand the girl (and possibly bug) has medical training, but their med bay is far from being able to treat something serious. The two remaining astronauts get back to the bunker but are followed by some of the survivors.

I really believe it is more complicated than that, by far, but possibly by bad writing/directing... not an overly intensive plot. what was that experiment for?

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