annals in a sentence

(1896); Trione, Gli stati civili nei loro rapporti giuridici coi popoli barbari e semibarbari (1889); Ilbert, The Government of India (1898); Jenkyns, British Rule and Jurisdiction beyond the Seas (1902); Laband, Das Staatsrecht des deutschen Reiches (1876-1882), Revue de droit international, civilises, et barbares, xvii. Naturelles, vi. The occasional references to Roman history in Lucretius are evidently reminiscences of the Annales. As to the origin of the heroic sagas as we now have them, Tacitus tells us that the deeds of Arminius were still celebrated in song a hundred years after his death (Annals, ii. But a greater and more serious difficulty is presented by his last literary labour, the work claimed by him as his own, and which has already been referred to more than once as the Annals of Lu. How to use annals in a sentence. Saywell, The History and Annals of Northallerton (1885). Strikes are very common, seventy-three having occurred in such a year of comparative quiet as 1903; but the causes of disturbance are almost as often political as economic, and the annals of the city include a long list of revolutionary riots and bomb outrages. 5 Rogers Ruding, Annals of the Coinage, 3rd ed. Muratori (Milan, 1723-1751), contains Annales Mediolanenses; Nicholas of Jamsilla, Historia de rebus gestis Friderici II., and Vita Gregorii IX. They are also embodied in the Leabhar Gabhala or Book of Invasions, the earliest copy of which is contained in the Book of Leinster, a 12th-century MS., Geoffrey Keating's History, Dugald MacFirbis's Genealogies and various collections of annals such as those by the Four Masters. The term annals, though often confused with chronicles, nevertheless indicates a different class.. Again, while the annals record Ceawlin's accession in 560 and his expulsion in 592, the preface with other early authorities assigns him a reign of only seventeen years. In the autumn of 1504 he began his Decennali, or Annals of Italy, a poem composed in rough terza rima. With regard to the Annales and Chronica three important considerations must be mentioned. 3 He has become a legend in the annals of military history. ), Shalmaneser II. AVENTINUS (1477-1534), the name taken by JoHANN Turmair, author of the Annales Boiorum, or Annals of Bavaria, from Aventinum, the Latin name of the town of Abensberg, where he was born on the 4th of July 1477. The last-named place he reached (after a leisurely journey and many honours at the little courts just mentioned) at the beginning of October, and here he proposed to stay the winter, finish his Annals of and look about him. The work of the monks generally took the form of Annales or Chronica, and among the numerous German monasteries which are famous in this connection maybe mentioned Fulda, Reichenau, St Gall and Lorsch. 135); a modern edition of the Annales is the one edited by P. Lauer (Paris, 1906). Mahommedanism was introduced at a period which, according to the system adopted for the dating of the annals, must be placed either in the 1 2 th or the 14th century. Manasseh in the bible was a long lived wicked king, but in the Assyrian annals, he was a loyal vassal. Servois (Gergonne's Annales, 1813) a very remarkable comment, in which was contained the only yet discovered trace of an anticipation of the method of Hamilton. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 63, no. There is added an important Appendix, consisting of the papers from Gergonne's Annales which are referred to in the text above. A written account of events year by year in chronological order. Garstang in Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology, i. MacCarthy (4 vols., Dublin, 1887-1901); The Annals of Loch Ce, edited by W. Similarly the thread of the Judaean annals in Kings is also found in 2 Samuel, although the supplementary narratives in Kings are not so rich or varied as the more popular records in the preceding books. Their annals were a mere compilation of facts. In 1815 he published anonymously in the Annals of Philosophy a paper "On the relation between the specific gravities of bodies in their gaseous state and the weights of their atoms," in which he calculated that the atomic weights of a number of the elements are multiples of that of hydrogen; and in a second paper published in the same periodical the following year he suggested that the rrpcbrn iiXrl of the ancients is realized in hydrogen, from which the other elements are formed by some process of condensation or grouping. 46) states on the authority of the annals of the Han dynasty that the emperor Wu-ti (140 B.C.) What made you want to look up annals? Reiske as Annales Muslemici (5 vols., Copenhagen, 17891 794). The Judaean annals then relate Hazael's advance to Gath; the city was captured and Jerusalem was saved only by using the Temple and palace treasure as a bribe. A feudal kingdom was sure to be a prey to disorder unless there were energy and ability in the character and administration of the sovereign; and Confucius has sketched, in the work referred to above, the Annals of Lu, his native state, for 242 years, from 722 to 481 B.C., which might almost be summed up in the words: " In those days there was no king in China, and every prince did what was right in his own eyes.". by Diodorus Siculus, and arranged in the form of annals; the Pentabiblos of Julius Africanus (about 220-230 A.D.); the treatise of Censorinus entitled De die natali, written 238 A.D.; the Chronicon, in two books, of Eusebius Pamphili, bishop of Caesarea (about 325 A.D.), distinguished as the first book of a purely chronological character which has come down to us; and three important works forming parts of the Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae, namely, the Chronographia of Georgius Syncellus (800 A.D.), the Chronographia of Johannes Malalas (9th century), and the Chronicon Paschale. During a tax investigation, the company was instructed to hand over their annals. 3. Nevertheless the continuance of this traffic on colonial farms, as well as to some extent in the native territories and reserves, is a black spot in the annals of the Cape Colony. Wales also suffered raids, but to judge from the welsh annals, Welsh armies avoided yielding large tracts of land to the newcomers. In the Annals and Magazine of Natural History for 1868 (p. 381) is a most interesting account, by Charles Buxton, of the naturalization of parrots at Northreps Hall, Norfolk. “Annals.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, It is mentioned from time to time in the Byzantine annals, and on the establishment of the lordship of Epirus by Michael Angelus Comnenus Ducas, it became his capital. ", 16.1 Poetry 16.2 Sagas 16.3 History 16.4 Biographies 16.5 Annals 16.6 Literature of foreign origin. The Chinese annals speak of tribute paid to the empire by Pha-la on the north-east coast of the island as early as the 7th century, and later documents mention a Chinese colonization in the 15th century. Mathews, The Annals of Mont Blanc (1898). Among good local annalists may be mentioned Juan Gilberto Valdivia, who has written a history of Arequipa, and Pio Benigno Mesa, the author of the Annals of Cuzco. His name is remembered in Belgian annals as a patriot martyr to the cause of liberty. Annals sentence examples. The obscurity of the early annals of the town is explained by the circumstance that Edward I. of Marga; (b) in the 14th century, Abdh-isho bar Berikha (d. In modern literature the title annals has been given to a large number of standard works which adhere more or less strictly to the order of years. Erasmus was now in the zenith of his fame, a fame which has never been surpassed in the annals of men of letters. See Tacitus, Annals, xiv. Hunt, " Genesis of California's First Constitution "; Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, xii., R. According to his annals, discovered at Assur, in his first year he conquered eight countries in the north-west and destroyed the fortress of Arinnu, the dust of which he brought to Assur. de Lacaze-Duthiers, papers in the Annales des sciences naturelles, e.g. 88) and in the Germania he speaks of " old songs " as the only kind of " annals " which the ancient Germans possessed; but, whatever relics of the old songs may be embedded in the Teutonic sagas, they have left no recognizable mark on the heroic poetry of the German peoples.

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