austrian revolution 1848

Hungary had long been under a national awareness. In the commotion, a stray bullet killed the wife of Field Marshal Alfred who was the commander of the forces in Prague. And why did it fail? Slovak Uprising was an uprising of Slovaks against Magyar (i.e. Austria ruled the land more firmly from then on. It was the result of much dissatisfaction. In the mid-19th century, over 90 percent of the population in the Austrian Empire and the German Confederation were peasants. On March 13, upon receiving news of the Paris rising, crowds of people, mostly students and members of liberal clubs, demonstrated in Vienna for basic freedoms and a liberalization of the regime. [14] The leader of this anti-serfdom peasant movement was Hans Kudlich, subsequently revered as Bauernbefreier (‘liberator of peasants’). Windisch-Grätz restored imperial authority to the city. Finally, in August 1849, the Hungarian army surrendered, and the land was put firmly under Austrian rule. But outside Vienna the national aspect of the revolution fairly soon overshadowed the other two. Metternich had constantly tried for numerous years to hold the Austrian Empire together. Radetzky reimposed Habsburg rule in Milan and Venice, and in March 1849 he defeated the Sardinians once again when they invaded Austria’s Italian possessions. Important for the revolutionaries were state conflicts including the armed forces and collection of taxes. to work 12 to 14 hours per day. The Court of the Austrian Empire decided to Jelačić was appointed to take Lamberg's place. What the students wanted was the dismissal of Count The elections that were held produced unexpected results. The March Laws provided for a popularly elected lower house of deputies, freedom for the “received religions” (i.e., excluding Jews), freedom of the press, peasant emancipation, and equality before the law. revolting groups was the working class, which existed only in the cities, but Windischgr�tz with a Hungarian army had been ordered by the Austrian Empire, After news broke of the February victories in Paris, uprisings occurred throughout Europe, including in Vienna, where the Diet (parliament) of Lower Austria in March demanded the resignation of Prince Metternich, the conservative State Chancellor and Foreign Minister. After the deportation of Lajos Kossuth, a nationalist Hungarian leader, Schwarzenberg faced uprisings by Hungarians. control of the separating provinces in the empire. Metternich left Vienna, the press was free and the introduction Why was there a revolution then? Austrian Czechs and numerous Austrian controlled Italian states followed the Magyars lead, revolutionary excitement spilled in Prussia, where to ease the pressure, the Prussian King Frederick William IV promised a constitution. The Emperor started escape the German or Russian domination. This was not the only case where the Austrians had to obey demands The 1848 Revolutions in Austria were a set of revolutions that took place in the Austrian Empire from March 1848 to November 1849. Three days after the start of hostilities in Italy, Charles Albert of Sardinia abdicated the throne of Piedmont-Savoy, essentially ending the Piedmontese return to war. Most of the Slavs in the region, and equality under the law, but its greatest significance lay in A general disgust with conservative domestic policies, an urge for more freedoms and greater popular participation in government, rising nationalism, social problems brought on by the Industrial Revolution, and increasing hunger caused by harvest failures in the mid-1840s all contributed to growing unrest, which the Habsburg monarchy did not escape. No wonder that the news from the revolution of France had some impact on the people in Austria. The armies around Vienna had 70 000 could have used against the Hungarians so they had to obey the demands of the Fought September 29, 1848, between the Hungarians, under General Móga, and the Croats, under the Ban, Jellachich.

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