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He did the same in Bordertown. The screenplay by Laird Doyle and Wallace Smith is based on Robert Lord's adaptation of the 1934 novel Border Town by Carroll Graham. It was printed in Naracoorte, and was eventually absorbed by the Narracoorte Herald.

Wendell MacWherter (Paul Batten) is the local banker (managing a branch of the bank headquartered in Helena) and owner of the livery stable. When his wife barely sur­vives brain can­cer, Sor­jo­nen de­cides to take his fam­ily to the small town Lappeen­rantanear the bor­der to Rus­sia, to live a quiet peace­ful life. [10], It was officially known as Border Town until 5 April 1979 when its name was changed to Bordertown. He also said the screenplay was a return to an El Norte type of screenplay (Oscar nominated).

But life is not very peace­ful on the bor­der be­tween two worlds. Now widowed, Marie has taken over as town doctor and as proprietor of the local general store.
Worker Eva (Maya Zapata), originally from the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, takes a bus to go back to her shanty-town home after work. Adrian heads to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, on the U.S.–Mexico border to investigate the murders, hoping that if she does well she will be promoted by Morgan to be a foreign correspondent. Maya Zapata as Eva Jimenez: factory worker and rape survivor. Later Diaz gets shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. Jack is a former Texas Ranger, and a veteran of the Confederate States of America army. The episode titled "Four Eyes", which originally aired on March 2, 1990, featured a young Theodore Roosevelt. Bordertown places the blame for the murders upon the Mexican government, the United States and the maquiladora assembly plants that were brought rapidly into existence by the North American Free Trade Agreement. Prior to this, the other historical newspaper in the town was the Tatiara Mail which was founded in 1880 by Melbourne Mott (whose father owned The Hamilton Spectator in Victoria) and Michael Murphy. The three try to find the two killers and have them prosecuted. Bruno Danzinger is the brother of Otto Danzinger who helps in the livery. The French title is Les Deux font la loi.

Each of these law officers is courting Marie Dumont (Sophie Barjac). The newspaper's first building, at DeCourcey Street, was auctioned in November 2017, after Fairfax Media scaled back newspaper operations and closed the Chronicle's commercial printing business and office.[17]. I began working to ensure we made this film in order to bring the attention of the world to [the] tragedy and to pressure the Mexican government to bring to justice those responsible for these horrible crimes."[5]. The motion picture is based on a series of unsolved murders in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, a large Mexican border city across the Río Bravo del Norte (Rio Grande) from El Paso, Texas.

At one point the film was in development with both New Line Cinema and MGM.[8]. Tatiara is the local Aboriginal word for "Good Country". The movie was released in theaters internationally only, starting in Germany on February 22, 2007.

Director Gregory Nava and executive producer Barbara Martinez-Jitner believed that the film would bring strong reactions. [2] It was released straight-to-DVD in the United States on January 29, 2008. De­tec­tive In­spec­tor Kari Sor­jo­nen is one of the most re­spected of­fi­cers at the Na­tional Bu­reau of In­ves­ti­ga­tion in Fin­land. Bordertown was established in 1852 when a direct route across the Ninety Mile Desert was being planned for gold escorts from the Victorian goldfields to Adelaide.

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