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By then, Jayson Tatum’s contract extension will have kicked in and he along with Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker will be eating up a large chunk of Boston’s cap room.

The Celtics would surely love to get a shooting upgrade, but would it really be worth paying a guy over $20 million per year on a roster with Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown already? PhillyVoice Staff. Also how realistic is the Al for Buddy trade what would you need to make it happen? Just need some help with Hexigone. Smart is making just $13.4 million next season, so some filler salary would need to be added to get closer to $20 million matching salary to make any trade package work. I think it's more likely you see Simmons used like Griffin than Embiid used like Jordan, though I think one-to-one comps aren't worth much here. Congrats to the Sacramento Kings shooting guard on this terrific honor. Hield has even hinted on social media he wants a trade to the 76ers.

So even if they were elite finishers, there's no guarantee you'd be able to get the most out of them by deploying them that way. What’s your take on this? It's still not good practice to lock yourself into big money for a limited player. The questions heading into the season all centered around whether they would be willing to sacrifice touches in order to win, a suggestion that would end up looking antiquated by the end of the year. Overview: The pluses here for Boston are the contract length and descending salary structure. Strictly speaking, he didn't need to take a front-office job to have a cushy life in perpetuity, and that reinforces the idea in a lot of minds that he's going to work hard to get this thing right. 2. Here's the most meaningful difference beyond the presence of a legit third star — the three main guys were all at a point in their careers where they were ready to give up individual glory to climb the mountaintop.

Media members who covered him as a player, former teammates, front office people, agents, they all vouch for him. Rivers obviously has a decent amount of security moving forward, but Brand clearly seems to have emerged from the collaborative days with the best reputation internally and externally. However, if he opts in for $34 million next season and shows no real interest in staying in Boston beyond 2021 in extension talks, a trade will need to be considered.

We'll see though. Kemba: $36 million Buddy Hield is acting like a man who really wants out of Sacramento. For the amount of money he's going to be making — and Hield's $94 million extension doesn't kick in until next season — you would just hope Hield could offer something more than shooting prowess. If it can.
Hield felt like he was used as the scapegoat for the team’s struggles in the first half of last season. Still speculation at this point, but I would guess his voice carries more weight than anyone on that list sans Brand. Embiid is a top-10 talent in the league, and while he doesn't always live up to that billing, you have to set the bar high if you even consider trading him.

NFL Notebook: Why has Patriots WR N’Keal Harry lagged behind the rest of his draft class? If the Celtics want to trade for a big name like Hield this offseason, they really only have two options in terms of big names that are movable on the roster that could match salaries: Marcus Smart and Gordon Hayward. Either Adebayo is in the deal as a centerpiece or you hang up the phone entirely. Let's start with the positives. He has also spoken about his unhappiness with being moved out of Sacramento’s starting five midway through the season and fueled trade rumors by 'liking' a post that suggested he could be dealt to Philly. While there will be many ways for the Celtics to address their shooting issues this offseason (draft, free agency), the trade market is a place where the team must also do its due diligence. You probably get Bam, one of the shooters, maybe another piece and/or a salary matcher. Is there ever a time when using Big Yeetus on See Saw pays off? As it stands, the Sixers have a case to make. Jason Jones of the Athletic reported earlier this month that Hield has been frustrated with head coach Luke Walton for much of the past season, to the point where he not answering the coach’s phone calls this offseason. It seems like the Sixers need shot creation and ball handling as much as they need shooting and Hield provides neither while also being a poor defender. Subscribe to Kyle's Sixers podcast "The New Slant" on Apple, Google, and Spotify, Kyle Neubeck Allocation of resources: I have concerns that Hield is worth a contract extension already given his defensive struggles throughout his career. If not for Kevin Garnett being hurt the next season, there's a good chance they go back-to-back, too. This is going to depend on how the rest of the roster moves shake out, I think. Look at how much of a difference Alec Burks made at times in the bubble and it's not hard to see how a legit guard would take this team to a new level. Brown: $24.8 million

I'll weigh in more on draft stuff in the coming weeks. This means you’re building around ben and it’s up to you to draft or find another star. how do you feel about Desmond Bane at that spot for them? Do you think its better to trade al horford in the off season, or give yourself a chance to increase his value and trade him at the deadline? If you hold onto him, I think you have to be prepared for Horford's decline to be permanent and for his value to drop even further, either as a trade chip or as a contributor to the Sixers. It does not compare at all, if you're asking me. © 2020 WWB Holdings, LLC.

Simmons and Embiid don't have that yet, and may never have that together for reasons that aren't necessarily their fault. A shot creator with off-the-dribble equity might have more value to the Sixers than a shooter, depending on how good each is at their respective jobs. The less you have to ask Embiid to create his own offense and the less you have to rely on Simmons as your primary perimeter creator, the better off you're going to be.
Kings' Buddy Hield Continues to Show Interest in 76ers Justin Grasso At this point, it's no secret Buddy Hield isn't thrilled with his situation within the Sacramento Kings' organization. Hexagone > Jump Showdown > Fall Mountain > Royal Fumble. There is much to like about Kings guard Buddy Hield, starting with that perimeter stroke: He … @KyleNeubeck meant to ask yesterday.

Messages to Hield’s agent, Brandon Rosenthal, and Walton were not returned….

what is the most pressing move the sixers need to make player wise to build a competitive team next year. He basically did the coaching search by himself and ended up getting one of the most respected leaders in the league to come to Philly. Adebayo has been Miami's best player for stretches of these playoffs, and I think there's a case to be made you could have an even better playoff-centric defense with him and Simmons as your centerpieces than you could with Embiid and Simmons.

This seems pretty unlikely to me. On a scale of 1-10 how hype are you for cyberpunk 2077? Do you see Doc putting Ben back at the 1 spot? That brings us to Hayward.

If I have said it once, I've said it 1000 times, but the Sixers need more players who can dribble and shoot.

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