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After this episode, Brian resumes the mantle of Captain Britain. One of the Six Evil Walkers at the service of Evil, living in the Netherworld/Avalon.

[62] Betsy resumed the role of Captain Britain and the leadership of a new Excalibur team. medical facility, Merlyn and Roma brought his spirit to them, and after testing him again, replaced his quarterstaff with the Star Sceptre. Merlyn reunited Captain Britain's departed spirit with his body, resurrecting him. [65] Eventually, Captain Britain no longer required even the battle-suit for the full use of his powers, as his heritage of being the son of a denizen of the extra-dimensional Otherworld became enough to power him.[66]. Character » As a reward, he and Jackdaw were sent back to Earth. A new series, written by Paul Cornell and drawn by Leonard Kirk, features Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, and other British superheroes working for MI: 13. They are all essentially the same hero except they each come from an alternative reality. Captain Britain cannot do it himself, but lowers his psychic defenses and allows Psylocke to control him and kill Jamie Braddock, thus erasing The Goat from the future and ending the siege. Following this and battles against conventional villains the Crazy Gang, Slaymaster, and Vixen,[26] Braddock was captured by Gatecrasher's Technet on behalf of Sat-Yr-9, and then fought his interdimensional counterpart Kaptain Briton.

Lionheart of Avalon Excalibur fought Gatecrasher's Technet in their first meeting together. [3] Following the cancellation of Captain Britain's solo series, Claremont and Davis created the one-shot special Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn (December 1987), which served to launch the American monthly Excalibur in 1988, featuring an eponymous team which included Captain Britain. Captain Britain headlines this series, Captain Britain and MI: 13, written by Paul Cornell, which included some characters from New Excalibur, as well as members of MI: 13 who appeared in Cornell's Wisdom limited series. [105] During Ultimatum, Captain Britain (along with other Captains) is discussing how to take action against Magneto in the Houses of Parliament. [74], The corps rebuilt its ranks but once again it came under attack, this time from Mad Jim Jaspers and corps members which he began to turn into Furys. He returned a few months later, confidant in one thing; that he loved Meggan. Robert Lopez & The Art of Songwriting | Marvel's Storyboards, An Inside Look At Marvel's Avengers | Part 1, Bidding is Now Open for Prop Store’s 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' However when the mutant nation of Krakoa and the dimension known as Otherworld, the mystical realm that serves as the collective subconscious of the British Isles, were plunged into conflict, Brian was corrupted by Morgana Le Fey and had to pass the title of Captain Britain to his sister Betsy Braddock. [3], With sales slowly declining, Captain Britain went to black-and-white with issue #24 (23 March 1977) and was cancelled entirely with issue #39 (6 July 1977), though the Captain Britain serial was immediately transferred to Marvel UK's Spider-Man comic, which was then retitled Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain. He also assisted Pete Wisdom and British intelligence agency MI-13 in their battle against a Martian invasion.[38]. I've always seen him as something like the Shazam Captain Marvel, a hero formed through magic. Uncanny X-Force: Otherworld – June 6, 2012, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, Captain Britain and MI13 § Collected editions, Panini, Marvel Expand Agreement, Announce New Projects, Panini UK Launches 'Marvel Heroes' with All-New Strips, "EXCLUSIVE: "Time Runs Out for The Avengers in Alessio's Variant Covers", "Cornell & Lowe talk "Captain Britain and MI:13, "And Hell Followed: Cornell talks Captain Britain & MI:13", Marvel Appendix - Master List (capb-capz), "Captain Britain: UK's obscure first superhero could be resurrected for TV series", "Captain Britain back from the 1970s for TV adventure", "Galactus Lands in New LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer | Marvel Heroes Games | News", "The Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators", "House of M: Uncanny X-Men (Trade Paperback) | Comic Books | Comics", "X-Men: Die by the Sword (Trade Paperback) | X-Men | Comic Books | Comics", Marvel Heroes Classic Role-playing Game Statistics for Captain Britain. Brian Braddock has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, senses, and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. During this time, his wife Meggan apparently sacrifices her life to close a rip in time that would have destroyed all existence. [6] However, Davis later said "Initially I gave plot ideas to Jamie [Delano] but I was never happy with the direction he wanted to take things so I took more and more control until I eventually took over as writer. Brian owned Braddock Industries, a company that aided fellow Council member Bolivar Trask in creating his Sentinels, robots that policed the Eurasian continent,[101] and is also the most vocal advocate for the extermination of mutants, much to the weariness of Council members Yashida and Frost, who seem much less fanatical in their beliefs.

[43], Captain Britain was once again resurrected by Merlin in the center of Britain, and after taking possession of the sword Excalibur, confronted the Skrulls in London; his resurrected form is stated by Merlin to be no longer plagued with doubts and a unified symbol of the United Kingdom, "like their flag, one thing that contains many!". Returning to Otherworld, Braddock and Meggan become rulers of the realm. This version of Braddock chose the Sword of Might over the Amulet of Right and would later travel to Earth-616 and ally himself with Black Air and Shadow-X before creating an army of Shadow Captains in an attempt to take over England and overthrow the Captain Britain Corps. In the first volume, Braddock teams with police inspector Dai Thomas, a regular from his old solo series, and journalist Kate McClellan. [3] (In addition, the new 8-page Captain Britain installments in each issue of Captain Britain Weekly were supplemented by more reprinted material, featuring Nick Fury and the Fantastic Four).

Fear the Mad Titan; he'll get you in a snap. There the Fury caught up with him, and incinerated him on the spot. The characters are all known as, or appear as an alternative version of, Captain Britain. At the entrance to Otherworld Brian was slain by the spectral White Rider, and his corpse claimed by Mandrac, Nethergod Lord of the Slain and the Rider’s master, though Merlyn and the Knight swiftly recovered it. [116], An article in the Times of London in March 2016 stated, "Captain Britain's nemesis turned out to be lack of popularity [...] and his adventures ended after a year". He stopped after, when drunk and embarrassed by a defeat, he beat a supervillain so badly she was put in hospital; ashamed, Brian paid for her hospital bills and therapy.[24]. An alien mercenary part of the gang known as the Tech-Net, Bodybag is a strange creature. An evil, demonic entity that feeds on life-force. He eventually attempted to retire due to dissatisfaction with the Corps, but was forced to continue his activities for a brief time by his suit even past his own death. Every Earth in Marvel Comics' Multiverse has its own Captain Britain who is expected to defend that version of Britain and uphold its local laws. Rachel is flung to the far future to become the Mother Askani and Brian returns home. Brian fought and defeated Slaymaster in central London, and the surviving psis moved into Braddock Manor. Arcade attacked Excalibur again during this period, sending the robotic Loonies to overpower Excalibur; he trapped Brian in a virtual world where he was confronted by temptations to drink, but this fell flat as Arcade had failed to realize alcohol was not the demon he thought it was for Brian.

The team faced the likes of Stryfe’s lethal legacy, the Phalanx, and Brian and Betsy entered the comatose mind of Jamie to try and see if they could reach the loving brother they once knew. Because he transfers his power to Kelsey, the plan to destroy Britain fails. Each member protected his or her reality based on their dimensional equivalent of Britain, and was powered by the friction between dimensions.

[64] Merlyn changed his costume just before he entered the alternate Earth-238, fusing the powers of the Amulet and the Scepter into the new uniform and then later put these powers within Captain Britain himself when he was forced to rebuild Captain Britain following Captain Britain's death at the hands of the Fury, making the suit a regulatory device for his powers. [56] Captain Britain was freed and fought to hold back the demons, and tried to find a solution other than killing Killpower. Hence, to retain his powers anywhere on Earth, he must wear the costume at all times. Now recalling Arthur’s location, the Knight, Britain, and the elf Jackdaw, were sent to awaken the King. Guilt ridden, Captain Britain threw himself into doing good deeds, then after Micky’s funeral, approached the Scott family to apologize for Micky’s death.

In a battle with the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn, Brian expends all of his power to stop a dimensional portal from opening. Kaptain Briton was an enemy of Captain Britain. Trapped inside his dangerous Murderworlds and playing to survive, always nothing more than just a game for Arcade. This, together with the Amulet of Right, would have the ability to remake the cosmos. The authorities reactivated their hero killing cybiote, the Fury, which slew Jackdaw; Saturnyne fled, abandoning Captain Britain, whose arm the Fury broke without even trying. He possesses enhanced perceptions that allow him to be aware of things others may miss (such as objects cloaked by spells of illusion). The Fury slew Jaspers after a prolonged battle; the battered Captain Britain tried to destroy the weakened cybiote, but it was only the intervention of Captain U.K. that finally did the deed. Drop into Fortnite Nexus War now! With the sacrifice of Meggan, the heroes are able to seal the tear. After a brief trip home, Brian returned to the States to complete his studies, and there joined other heroes congratulating the newly pardoned Hulk, as well as fighting against the shapeshifting Dire Wraiths. Cobweb is an immortal demon of the Mindscape and a Sleepwalker foe. against a reanimated Air-Walker android. They are also seen helping to pull up the Statue of Liberty after the battle is over. Merlyn sent James Braddock to Earth-616 to sire a champion who could defend the multiverse against the myriad threats facing it; the studious Brian was his third child. Presumably died along with the majority of the Captain Britain Corps members present for the battle against Mad Jim Jaspers. Meanwhile interdimensional negotiations saw a prisoner exchange arranged, with Lightning Squad and their cohorts being returned to their own reality, but treachery on the Nazi side saw the entire Excalibur team thrown through the timelines. He was drawn to Phoenix, a temporal anomaly, and eventually with the aid of Daytripper (Amanda Sefton), swapped places with her, returning to the present; however his experiences had changed him, and he took the new identity of Britanic. Jaspers took control of the country with incredible speed, his powers hastening things along, and used Vixen’s S.T.R.I.K.E. After the ceremony on Otherworld, the team disbands and its members return to the United States. [35] With Excalibur, he battled Arcade's "Loonies". The war to save Reality starts now. Brian soon finds work at the Darkmoor research facility. The headgear took a bit more time because I wanted it to look like a helmet rather than a mask. Battled Spider-Man and Captain Britain as a member of the Litter. They had been hired to retrieve Kaptain Briton, Brian’s counterpart from Earth-794, who had fled to 616 to escape his insane lover, the tyrant Sat-Yr-9.

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