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I heard frantic screaming outside of my door. The first names of three boys involved in the murder, Bill, Pete and Vance, were also mentioned by the anonymous call. “She was little and had a much higher dosage; it made her manic, talking fast.”, Towards the end of the first conversation on June 19, Pierce begins to ask Smart, “…but listen, if they find out that I lied for you am I gonna be charged with…?” Smart interrupts, “You’re not gonna be lying, lying for me, you didn’t lie about anything, you don’t know anything, what the hell’s the problem?”. "She said, 'I think I'm in love with Bill.". She was a sophomore at Winnacunnet High School when she first met Smart in Project Self Esteem. Menu. You were the most caring and loving person and always wanted what was best for your family. Pelletier notes Pam’s reaction to Greg’s death as “handling this more professionally, than emotionally.”. The phone call was made from Pierce’s residence to Pam Smart’s work phone at the Winnacunnett High School media center. She also stated that during the year prior to that day she witnessed activity next door with lots of parties, couples sleeping over, and strange people arriving at the condo. He was released last summer. “Pam was on Prozac, she weighed 102-105 pounds,” said Wojas. I was out of it.”. On June 11, 1990, Flynn, Randall and Lattime were arrested.

Fowler recalls that Flynn and Randall spoke of the power that they had felt. Visible by his body are two pens and the valise he’d brought home from work. Fowler was later arrested after Smart’s pre-trial motions had started. The obituary was featured in Abilene Reporter-News on September 30, 2019. "I was on Prozac, so I was hyper," said Smart. “On the fourth tape, Pam apparently left her office and directly went to Cecelia Pierce,” said Sisti. Phrases such as “Ice Princess” were used as headlines to newspaper articles about the trial. The image of an attractive, young, grieving widow being a suspect of her own husband’s murder was eaten up by the media and the public before the jury could even be selected. I would have done it differently. “[Mark] Sisti called and said don’t talk to Cecelia,” said Smart. Movies. "The second day of cross examination and the Cecelia Pierce tapes.". "Greg [Smart] came to her and told that he had cheated on her. She found them on the floor of the bedroom having sex. The Sickler Family. Join Facebook to connect with Cecelia Pierce and others you may know. “She felt very badly…[Cecelia] was a chunky girl, failing in most of her subjects.”. "Maybe she became jealous of me, and that might have been a possible motive [for helping the state]. Like most insurance agents, Greg Smart’s work day on May 1, 1990 stretched past 5 p.m., what with clients to call or counsel, paperwork to file or forms to complete. Surette and Assistant Attorney General Paul Maggiotto interviewed a man named Kenneth Knight, a friend of the Flynn family, questioning any information he might know of the murder. “I observed the victim lying in the hallway face down just inside the front door of the apartment at the dining room entrance,” Pelletier said. “We rented two movies,” said Pierce in her testimony. According to Pelletiere, the tapes were in fact authorized. She was a sophomore at Winnacunnet High School when she first met Smart in Project Self Esteem. Charewicz of the Seabrook Police Department interviewed Welch, and he found that Welch knew intimate details about the case. During the interview by the Derry Police, Welch said that three friends had told him about their involvement in the murder.

She was teaching a course on self-esteem when her self-esteem was in the basement. Pelletier states that Pam told him she had the card of her lawyer, whom she had contacted when he arrested her, but the Derry Police Department Supplement Report states that Pelletier noted that Pamela Smart did not say anything else to detectives upon her arrest. ", Towards the end of the first conversation on June 19, Pierce begins to ask Smart, "…but listen, if they find out that I lied for you am I gonna be charged with…?" Fowler would spend the next 13, only to be sent back on a parole violation. “I saw Greg’s foot and opened the door further,” she said, “[I] saw him lying on his stomach.” Pam ran out of her home screaming and started to bang on her neighbor’s doors.

People were reporting whatever they felt like … a lot of people judged the whole case on her looks. According to Pierce’s trial testimony, this visit occurred one week before Greg’s death.

Cecilia Pierce did end up making a video splash, but maybe not the way she planned.

Born July 21, 1932, in Blossburg, PA, she was a daughter of the late Lewis and Gladys (Kio) Lovell. View the profiles of people named Cecelia Pierce. The first of these wiretaps were a series of telephone conversations between 2:55 p.m. and 3:50 p.m. on June 19. The individuals Welch named were Randall, Lattime and Raymond Fowler. I called the police,” she said.

", "She sat me down in a chair," said Pierce in her testimony. The last time Blake spoke to the media was in an interview with former ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer after Blake moved back to Seabrook and had one toddler in tow. On June 13, 1990, Pelletier, Captain Loring Jackson, Charewicz and Surette carried out a one party audio surveillance on a conversation between Pam Smart and her assistant /confidant Cecelia Pierce. “She said, ‘I think I’m in love with Bill.”. The two had worked together on a video project for Pam three months earlier. Blake knew that Flynn was seeing the man’s wife Pam and he knew that Pam was “supposed to be a teacher at Winnacunnet High School,” according to the Derry Police Department Supplement Report. Ceceilia PierceAbilene87, 28-Sep, Girdner Funeral Home . Pierce stated in this interview that Pam had discussed the actual planning of her husband’s death and Flynn was present for some of the discussions to go over the details of the murder. Eventually, Blake returned to Seabrook. At different points in the tape, Smart alternates between using either the word "fuck" or "shit" exclusively for a long stretch of conversation. Fowler said he was just along for the ride to Derry because the boys were only going to check out a place to break into. “There were two things that hung her,” said Sisti. “We informed her that she was the focus of an investigation,” said Sisti of their conversation.

"Pam was on Prozac, she weighed 102-105 pounds," said Wojas. "The state paid to send Pierce to Missouri," said Wojas. “The second day of cross examination and the Cecelia Pierce tapes.”. “I’m sure they are waiting for the governor to change,” Blake says. Pierce, known now by her married name, Cecelia Blake, hasn’t spoken publicly in two decades about the trial in which Smart was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of her husband, Gregg Smart, though she played a pivotal role in Smart’s conviction. Her downcast eyes and slumped shoulders made her a perfect candidate for Pamela Smart’s self-esteem class, Project Self-Esteem. “There was no question it was Pam’s voice. "Cecelia Pierce's mom worked and made Cecelia stay home and take care of her younger sibling," said Linda Wojas, Smart's mother. It was during this visit that Flynn came over.

It was during this internship that she became good friends with Smart.

Pierce thought it was “ridiculous” at first. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Throughout the tape, Smart speaks rapidly and sounds increasingly frantic and nervous. Praying that you are comforted in knowing that Cecilia is at peace and will always be a part of your lives. “What was telling in the tapes was Pam saying, ‘If you tell the truth, we’re all fucking going to jail,'” said Sisti. Earlier in the year Greg, admitted to Pam he’d had a one-time affair with a woman while away on a business trip in the fall of 1989. In the contract, Pierce is listed as the owner of Smart's life story. On July 12 and 13, Pierce was fitted with a body wire to record two more conversations with Smart. This was the first time that Flynn and Smart had sexual intercourse, according to Pierce. “They’re [Derry Police] gonna try and get you to talk and to confess and you know they’re gonna say, ‘We know you know’ and all that, you know, try and make you nervous but all you have to do is just maintain the same story, you know, and that’s it, that, you know, you don’t know and that’s it, you know.”, “I called Cecelia because I wanted information,” said Smart. Once Upon a Time Productions paid Pierce $2,000 up front to sign the contract, along with $100,000 to be paid if a movie were to be made.

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