giallo films list

Though better known for “Zombi 2,” Lucio Fulci is responsible for one of the more interesting giallo drug commentaries.

Considered by some to be the greatest giallo, Argento, a pioneer of the genre, brings the formula close to perfection here.

Michael Roberts. The movie has a tripped-out feel from beginning to end, and it includes a superb psychedelic Morricone soundtrack. If someone who hadn’t seen gialli asked me for a first title to start with as an introduction, I would guide them to this one. A Lizard In A Woman's Skin is another film on this list by Lucio Fulci, being released in 1971. Tony Musante plays an American writer suffering from a creative funk while staying in Rome. (Massimo Dallamano, 1972) Dagmar Lassander plays a glamorous housewife whose world gets shaken when a strange, hostile man informs her that her businessman husband, to whom she is dedicated, is a murderer.

Your email address will not be published. Ennio Morricone’s atmospheric score, particularly the title theme, is outstanding. This one is definitely recommended as a first, as well for repeated viewing.

This is the best of Ercoli’s three Gialli, though this film’s companion piece, “Death Walks at Midnight” is good as well. Characters in pinky violence films get slapped, kicked, and knifed a lot, but relatively few of them die; in gialli, death (by savage murder, usually) is always coming just down the strada. Argento and the other directors are name-checked in the parentheses by the titles: There are at least four Argento titles I would have been comfortable putting here, but I’ll go with the first full-length movie he directed.

Is it the sullen creep who’s always hanging around the girls with his hangdog facial expression; the two motorcycle boys who got spurned by one of the victims when they tried to engage her in a three-way at a pot party; the freaky street vendor who likes to stoop down under his table and cop glances at girls’ legs? Some combination of these elements generally comes into play in giallo films: Hitchcockian suspense, slasher-film gore, acid jazz scores by leading soundtrack makers, experimental directorial work by cutting edge auteurs, beautiful people in chic clothing, stylized set designs, hallucinatory episodes, evil conspiracies to drive characters into despair and insanity, murder mysteries, police procedurals, hauntings, people drinking whiskey in tall, thin glasses…. Also, there are some elements at play here that seem awfully similar to a few events in “The Shining.” Namely, an alcoholic writer and a strange repetitive message on his typewriter. Who Saw Her Die (Aldo Lado, 1972) Below is a list of what I see as some shining examples of giallo cinema. She could use some help in coping with this trauma, but her boyfriend’s pretty indifferent and her best female friend leads her into interactions with spiritualists and witchcraft practitioners who only disturb her more.

Keep reading for a look at the top ten giallo films for beginners as voted on by Chris Coffel, Kieran Fisher, Brad Gullickson, Rob Hunter, Jacob Trussell, and myself. Top 10 Fascinating Locations Around The World, 10 Non-Horror Movies That Will Scare You Silly This Halloween, Top 10 Greatest Songs To Never Hit Number One, 10 Little-Known Facts About The Second World War, Top 10 Creepy Controversies Around Eyes Wide Shut, Top 10 Animals That Evolved To Not Need Eyes, 10 Of The Best Films Of 2016 You May Have Missed, 10 Common Things You Get Wrong About War (Thanks To Hollywood), 10 Greatest Cult Films Everyone Needs To See, 10 Insane Sequels That Were Almost Released, 10 Macho Blockbusters With Hidden Homoeroticism. And, despite what the haters say, it is undeniably a giallo. Carol’s adulterous husband and her snide stepdaughter are looked at by the cops, as are a pack of acid-taking hippies who are clearly involved in the doings. So without further ado, The Black Glove's Top 13 Giallo Films of All Time 13. Frustrated by his lack of free movement yet fascinated by the haunting scene he viewed, Musante’s character, with the help of his girlfriend (Suzy Kendall), performs an investigation of his own. But that’s about where the likenesses stop. He’s nowhere near as good as his dad, but Lamberto’s first giallo stands above many of the genre’s other entries by bringing energy to the giallo, even after its prime. Below is a list of what I see as some shining examples of giallo cinema. Rare and Classic Giallo movies. Lamberto is Mario’s son and though his efforts often fall flat, this is an enjoyable giallo about a composer working on a film score whose housemates are murdered. As the heartbroken, worried reporter looked into what happened to his beloved, he learned that a whole slew of young girls had similarly vanished in the city in recent times. A great place to begin exploring the genre’s commentary on sexuality, this film feature a killer who paralyzes his victims before killing them. In the motel room, Christian is attacked by a gun-wielding man we’ve earlier seen walking around looking sinister while twirling metal balls in his hands. Granger is wooden in his acting in an enjoyably camp way, and Bouchet and Neri are both excellent and lovely. Carol has a nightmare in which she stabs her neighbor to death, and soon after, the woman is actually killed by a stabbing and the murder weapon is a letter opener that belongs to Carol. They were made popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s by directors such as Mario Bava, Dario Argento, Sergio Martino, Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi. A gripping film by any standard, Argento’s first film is a textbook definition of the genre, and it will capture any viewer. Christian nabs the dude’s gun and shoots him, apparently to death. Harrington has a major hang-up involving brides: he likes to hack ladies with his hatchet on their wedding nights. The big pluses in this title are the gorgeous Lassander’s photogenic beauty (wrapped up in clothing that walks the line between stylish and garish), Morricone’s winning soundtrack, and some chilling suspense.
Seriously. Giallo films are known for their unusual musical arrangements, convoluted whodunit plots, excessive bloodletting, sexual imagery and operatic visual style. I figured it might get mentioned by Bruce’s daughter…. While Giallo films usually have pretty interesting plots, this one is absolutely wild. Fulci is one of the greats, and he warrants another spot on the list with this film. Click Here for more information. What the author and his sultry wife (portrayed by Rosalba Neri) don’t know is that the new helping hand was a friend (of the romantic sort) of the last secretary, who has gone missing under suspicious circumstances, and the new girl is there to investigate what happened to the old one. Another part of what gets this one on my list is the sublime soundtrack piece, “Piacere Sequence” by Teo Usuelli, which plays (on a slab of vinyl spinning on a groovy turntable, no less!) Brian Greene writes short stories, personal essays, and reviews and articles of/on books, music, and film. Chris, thanks for the comment. It is likely to find favor with admirers of Roman Polanski’s “apartment trilogy” paranoia freakout films Repulsion, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Tenant. 1971 was a good year for the giallo, and the genre’s originator couldn’t help but take the opportunity to shake it up in the midst of its success.

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