good timing in a sentence

Only this time his lips left hers and wandered to her neck, sending her heartbeat into frenzy. There was an old treadle sewing machine with carved drawers and even a grandfathers' clock, stating the permanent time of three p.m. It's about time he did something with this old house. Again she lashed out with the whip - this time in earnest. I took careful note of the time and movements, all of which lasted twenty-one minutes.
Having a good sense of timing will strengthen your defense. But it is a long time since I have had any sleep, and I'm tired. She'd have to wait, and maybe by that time sanity would have returned.

The medication they were giving her to clear up the congestion in her lungs was making her sleep a lot, but they thought that was better than having her upset all the time. Example sentences with the word time. How to use good in a sentence. This time he followed the main road for a while before dipping off onto a well used trail. This is not good timing for Listorious, which just a few minutes ago rolled out its site based around Lists since it felt enough people finally had access to the feature. During the sentence, an offender has access to various programs and services designed to complement their correctional plans. 4. "Yeah, but it was a good time. In the mean time, maybe if she stopped running, he'd stop chasing.
She wandered around the house with a foreboding that this was the last time she would see it. We pass the time as we can, but in war as in war! Just you light out and make for that rock, Jim; and don't waste any time about it, either. The main goal is to ensure that eligible offenders safely return to the community. It will be different this time, he said, cuddling her against his chest as if she were a child. "Thank you for your time," Adrienne said as she stood and shook Miss Clara's hand. good timing / synonyms. They were silent for a long time on the way back. Yeah, well she probably never took a whip to your father, but there's always a first time, Anyway, I guess she was pretty worked up.

Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: adj. They would have some time to enjoy a late Christmas at home when they returned. Brandon rode ahead of her most of the time, dropping back beside her when they emerged from the forest. I'll find out, anyway, but you could save us both some time if you tell me now. She couldn't be with Destiny and Alex at the same time. meaning & examples. ぶどうの収穫にはよいタイミングと天気が必要なので,農民達は収穫期の間,お互いに協力し合います。 - 浜島書店 Catch a Wave His timing was cautious, and the bar was a discreet 50-foot walk from the hotel.

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