grace of monaco cannes

Der Film mit Nicole Kidman (46, "The Hours") in der Hauptrolle der Fürstin Gracia Patricia startet außer Konkurrenz im offiziellen Programm des Festivals, heißt es in einer Mitteilung am Freitag. The offscreen palace intrigue between “Grace of Monaco” director Olivier Dahan and his on-again off-again U.S. distributor Harvey Weinstein turns out to be far livelier than anything on screen in Dahan’s cardboard and frequently cornball melodrama about Grace Kelly’s bumpy transition from Hollywood to actual princess — and her (seemingly single-handed) saving of her embattled sovereign state from French annexation. Einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterließ vor allem „Gossip Girl“-Star Blake Lively. layout: "indiv",

Bis zum 25. Neben Kidman und ihren Co-Stars Tim Roth und Paz Vega gaben sich auch viele weitere Stars am Mittwochabend an der Côte d’Azur die Ehre.

“I obviously didn’t marry a prince.

It’s enough, though, to send Grace into a positive tizzy.

The Monaco monarch, who often visits the world’s largest film festival (which is situated just 40 miles from his French Riviera principality), has condemned Cannes’s opening-night attraction. In his bachelor days, Rainier had kept the French actress Gisèle Pascal as his mistress, abandoning her only when his sister told him Pascal was infertile and unable to supply Monaco with an heir. font: "arial", Den Vorsitz der in diesem Jahr überwiegend weiblich besetzten Jury hat die neuseeländische Regisseurin Jane Campion („Das Piano“). kämpft um den Erhalt der Souveränität seines Landes. Grace of Monaco opens with the disclaimer that “This film is a fiction inspired by real events” — which is French for saying, as the fact-based fiction American Hustle did, “Some of this actually happened.” So we can’t criticize the movie for massaging the facts — especially when there are plenty of other reasons to criticize it. And so Kelly resolves to double-down on princess duty, with some help from a kind of fairy godfather “protocol expert” (Derek Jacobi, slumming in style) who instructs her in the dos and don’ts of regal style. In between, “Grace” offers a vision of the Philadelphia-born Oscar winner as not exactly an ugly duckling, but certainly a gauche American unschooled in the manners and mores of the European aristocracy, and very much an outsider in her own sovereign state, where she arrived in 1956 after marrying the Monegasque prince Rainier III (played here by Tim Roth). fracmouseover: 100, But we can’t say for sure; we weren’t there.

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