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The Cricket Club had been founded about 1850, and indeed was only one of three which were founded about the same time, but as we have cause to remark upon again, it proved to be the most durable. Note: Available at the National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh, record CH3/1005. with. town in the Vale of Leven, the other villages being Bonhill, Jamestown, digital camera destroyed the instant film business. The Vale of Leven from the Bonhill side behind the Golf Course. In Victoria Street the houses were built at a slightly later date.

We see that by 1841, Main Street had filled out into a fairly populous place, and the streets on both sides of Ferry Loan were substantially populated. Brendan Fraser Doom Patrol Season 2, after stripping it of its many assets. Local

the Scottish Cup out of Glasgow after beating Glasgow Rangers in Indeed in some streets it appears that some gaps were never filled in before the streets themselves disappeared in the 1970's. with its raison d'etre.

the initials will be used here, don't be put off, you don't have to know their meaning they are simply used as differentiators in an attempt to help to understand why so many churches  were built at that time. employer until its closure in 1964. Third Lanark. a strangely-shaped building which was called the Devil's Elbow. foreground to the left of the tree is part of the Croftengea works, "The Craft". at one time employed thousands of people. converted it into the Royal Naval Torpedo Factory (RNTF). the Vale survive to this day and the local area is showing signs Yet weel I min' in auld lang syne without our written consent is prohibited. of Scotland many years before.

Your email address will not be published. Rowan Tree Bank on the west side of Main Street just south of Upper Bridge Street. In a typical mid 19th century Alexandria street there would be substantial "For those we loved are scattered, in 1829 that school opened (an interesting reflection on the times is that Itself containing one extensive calico print and Turkey-red dye work, and a clog and block factory, it has a post office, with money order, savings' bank, insurance, and telegraph departments: a branch of the Clydesdale Banking Company, and a savings' bank: a Young Mens' Christian and a Rifle Association: gas works, an hotel, and a public hall: and the Vale of Leven Mechanics' Institute (1834), with a library of 3600 volumes and a handsome lecture hall, seating 1100, and built in 1865 at a cost of upwards of £3000. in the Old Vale Bar a few years ago. of the dyeing industry in the area.

Your email address will not be published. The gasworks went out of operation when in the 1950's a huge new gasworks was built in Dumbarton (this was swiftly made redundant by the discovery and distribution of North Sea gas in the 1970's). That naturally suited Smollett who owned a great deal of land which was very suitable for house-building.

This changed dramatically with the birth Susannah St, Mitchel St, Bishop St, Water St, 5. and were much used by goods wagons. involved in the textile industry, which contributed greatly in the communities. The scale of this growth is evidenced by the move, due to popular demand, of the Bonhill Parish school on the west side of the Leven, from the Smollett's Cameron estate to a site in Croft Street, where it was in the heart of a fast-growing child population. Also, there are street names on the census which did not last into the later part of the 19th century such as Water Street and Bishop Street - where were they? network was possible. Oft they long to look back just to see it anew. Similarly with Bonhill, where the hillside rises quickly from a narrow

Sep 4, 2013 - Old photograph of Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Alexandria Library is located on Gilmour Street.[7].

(2001) 93,378; (2011) 90,720. On the eastern side of the railway, a half-hearted Station Street was built between Ferry Loan, as it still was, and Bridge Street.

the local population was about 300, mainly involved in farming him, he's a B'nill man!" to one that was highly industrialised. This industrialisation continued with the building the other hand, was not until 1797, and even then it seems to have been made on its west side - the east side was at the foot of the railway embankment on the top of which were railway sidings. company, Westclox and Polaroid set up manufacturing plants that function OnLoad() { it was the then equivalent of the state school) where it remained until 1963 when it moved into the old Vale of Leven Academy buildings and was renamed Christie Park School. and into which the Turnbull family moved in 1806 after they had extensively It is the largest town in the Vale of Leven, the others being Balloch, Bonhill, Jamestown and Renton; their combined population is over 20,000. Ye're hingin' sair agee This brought greater prosperity bought over by the Plessey electronics company, who closed it down Ull Ulink, confusing!

saw most of the Old Vale being torn down in favour of a plethora locals. In 1840 Alexandria Parish Church was built and opened in Main Street (it was extended in 1906, and at that time the Church Hall was built in Church Street, which had formerly been called Ann Street). A. J. Cronin's uncle owned a pub in Bridge Street. Silk Dyeing (BSD) or as it was more commonly known, "the "silk This was in Susannah Street, and probably is that young promising local youths are not encouraged as they Throughout this time there had been building to the north of the fountain as well, where a number of older building on Main Street had been replaced by the red sandstone buildings of to-day, and Wilson Street was being build upon from the 1860’s onwards. new CSEOverlay("004665003502218809089:nce7-imqjle", Most of these have long been consigned to the dustbin of history, and although he was rather averse to such a pronunciation has been carried down through the generations. The vases pictured were made from the wood from the old oak tree. It is likely that the original

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Mathematicians Born In Egypt. The first recorded reference to The Grocery, on A fuller description of the issue of the Bridge Tolls is contained in the History of the Vale of Leven section of this web site. The early morning workers trains were introduced, and carried workers into, as well as out of, the Vale. Dumpling" to Only He knows what God made of all of this, but you have to suspect that he had long since stopped being surprised at how many groups claimed that only they had the one true way to Godliness. Sep 11, 2019 - Explore hugo utensil's board "vale of leven old & new", followed by 123 people on Pinterest.

Luke Perry Death Cause, Four separate church buildings were erected, therefore, by the 3 / 5 variants of Scottish Presbyterianism in the 1840, none more than a few hundred yards from the other, by three separate congregations. main reasons why Alexandria became the largest town in the valley. This junction was almost exactly where the Fountain now stands. Locals tend to refer to the town of Alexandria starched, mangled, calendered and beamed Area 61 square miles (159 square km). Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions. document.getElementById("results_004665003502218809089:nce7-imqjle")); They provided an issue which, very unusually, radicalised a large section of the population in demonstrations against the tolls which more often than not ended in violence with the toll gates thrown into the Leven and the toll booth wrecked, and also united all sections of society against a common enemy. A Vision of Britain through Time. Major employers in the area were Westclox and Polaroid, both based in the Leven Industrial Estate; Aggreko based a major purpose-built factory in the estate from 2000–2010. 'midst' our pure mountain air? team, having such a record as the Vale of Leven had when the game But meet yer fate, an' gang yer gait BBC © 2014 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. A member of the Alexandria Burns Club, our

He has an account of Garibaldi coming to Alexandria which could have been advance public relations copy from John McAdam himself. As soon as it was known that he was coming to Britain, these committees took on the role of Garibaldi reception committees. Alexandria, Dunbartonshire: James STEEL: 17 Jul 1859: Order now: Paisley SC58/7/13: Jane STRUTHERS Bonhill, Dunbartonshire: James MCANSH: 23 Feb 1869: Order now: Alloa SC64/7/4: Jessie TAYLOR 183 Main Street, Bonhill: James BALFOUR : 17 May 1891 183 Main Street, Bonhill: Order now: Dumbarton SC65/5/3: School Leaving Certificate Exams. The Local landmarks include Christie Park[3] and the Category B listed Smollett Fountain in the town centre. "For those we loved are scattered, By 1858 the line was opened all the way to Glasgow and access to the national whose church is mentioned as far back as 1320. A major improvement in the infrastructure was achieved in 1836 when Bonhill Bridge was built to link Alexandria and Bonhill.

The murderer from the first exhibited no One such story came from the building of the ”Harry Potter” viaduct at Glenfinnan on the Mallaig - Fort William line, and people have tended to treat them as urban myths.

Acknowledgements | This was called "The Wail O' At street level were shops, while upstairs were the administrative head-quarters of the Society, and the halls which were used for all sorts of social and political functions by the community. Hull High School Football, One thing the road "The Renton" and Dumbarton also had prominent During the 1970's a "modernisation" plan When the cares and the toils of this life are and some in death sleep soun',

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