how to start dreads

Time to bust out those combs and get dread-y to create those locs! Avoid conditioner or anything that detangles your hair. They look neat as soon as they’re installed. Where wellness meets caring for Dreadlocks (Locs). You can help this process by palm rolling them frequently. What I mean by TLC is that you have to give your hair the Tender Love and Care it needs in order to stay and grow healthy. .

Yes, as long as you follow the tutorial and wait for your hair to dry, you will be okay. If you backcomb only on one side, you will get flat, two-dimensional dreads. However, strand twisted locs are not as durable as braided locs. You have to find a happy medium where your scalp doesn’t feel overly tense yet holds the twist. If you choose to start your locs with strand twists, your hair can be as short as 3 inches. Repair: Dreads can begin to fuse together if you don't roll them individually on a regular basis.

For itchiness, I recommend using a spray with pure aloe vera. Once the hair has been sectioned, remove the elastic per section and start braiding. All types of hair can be dreaded. You can choose either to have an empty line going down the middle of your head, or more commonly, a row of dreads. It’s also best for fully natural hair as there is a high potential for breakage. The growth of your locs significantly depends on many things. The backcombing method is when you take a strand of hair and a comb and brush the hair backward towards the scalp (starting as close to the root as possible). Clean hair will go into the dreads faster. Obsessed Hair Oil » Hair Care » How To Start Dreads, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties and check the best flat irons for black hair best flat irons for black hair 2019, PRIVACY POLICY / TERMS OF USE / AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER / DMCA POLICY. Method 3: Starting Dreadlocks with Braids. There is a myth that dreads form on their own as a result of laziness, but, as you will see, the reality is … It’s also best for fully natural hair as there is a high potential for breakage. One of the most important things is the method you will be using to start your locs. There is no risk that the locs will untangle. If you want a less involved look, you may want to try another style. This method is easy if you’re making your own dreads. You can usually take them out after about 3 months.

How Long Does My Hair need to be to Start Dreads?

Why You Should Not Be Using Wax On Your Dreadlocks. Most people start their dread journey when their hair is about an inch long. However, depending on your hair type you may require more length. I'm experiencing breakage at the beginning of my dreadlock, will crocheting help? One of the best ways to tame them is with headbands, scarves, and occasionally ponytails (not too tight).

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