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With his help, the creature escapes. Ein leidenschaftlicher Gamerscore- und Trophäensammler der vor (kaum) einem Spiel zurückschreckt. Inside's mind-boggling ending is widely open to interpretation, so we collected the perspectives of several IGN editors and staff to find out just what each of them thought of the closure of this fascinating new game. If the blob is in control I would not expect that creature to kill you. I’ll let smarter people than we talk about that. is an excellent multiplayer game that has cell-eating gameplay. P.S. or I was kind of hoping that Inside would end with the boy dying in a car accident, thus making it a wink-wink prequel to Limbo. Enhanced Durability: The Huddle can survive falls that would normally kill an individual person, albeit with discomfort, as well as lift a burning box with no visible injuries. You start the game as a tiny bacteria, virus (Blob) in a petri dish with agar. Have the volunteers line up in the front and hold each other’s hands. It is unclear whether the Huddle has an innate mind-control ability, or only just gained it from the protagonist, but many have theorized that the Huddle actually has some control over the protagonist. I’m not the slightest bit disappointed in the ending we got, however, because I haven’t had my mind toyed with like that by a game in a long time.- Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor, I really have no idea what the developer was going for with that ending. For the theory that the blob is controlling the boy and the creature to be correct, they would work together rather than having her kill him every time. - Steve Butts, Editor-in-Chief. None of it makes sense, because none of it happened.

Gründer von insidegames und der Inhaber von Xbox-Senioren. It is well established that the boy CANNOT breathe underwater. Furthermore, the game is at its core a physics-based platformer, and the physics stop making sense entirely after this. But it does give you some strong hints that the quest has something to do with mind control and what compels someone to spring into action.

Beende alle Story-Level im normalen Modus, INKT-Checker – 10 The Blob being confined in a tank of water. Just like Walter White freezing to death in the car. In some areas, water and air are literally inverted, where you can 'swim' through what should be mid-air as it is floating above the water. This makes no sense to me. The "blob" reached out and got "inside" his mind to get rescued. The zombie people can be controlled by wearing the mind-control helmet, and the only strange creature you see is the underwater girl that seems to just hold you underwater to kill you. This secret ending is a way of breaking the fourth wall and making us see what we’re capable of, and in some ways, take responsibility for our actions, whether we realized them or not. Maybe it’s about conformity? Erhalte die benötigten Auszeichnungen in allen Leveln, Der Liebling der Massen – 50

Did the boy break the spell? There’s evidence for this all throughout Inside. Februar 2011 | 18:19 Uhr von Marcel. [Updated] Aug 01, 2016 Variation: I still don’t know what happened at the end of Lost or The Prisoner, but I still enjoy both shows. The whole scene is being directed by one of the oppressors, but while he looks on he’s holding the hand of a child, who's watching, and learning. The most obvious was a specific scene, where you’re walking through a hangar, and a forklift drives in and hoists a cage filled with slave-laborers. Level “Hypnostrahler” geschafft, Kategorien: Erfolge PS3 News Xbox 360 News Tags: De Blob 2. The very title, Inside, suggests that someone got into your mind. The Pope? Level “Bleich-TV-Fabrik” geschafft, Orbital-Habitate befreit

Inside the room with the second orb, the photo on the far right contains an image of the Huddle's silhouette. The "blob" reached out and got "inside" his mind to get rescued. It has heads, arms, and legs sticking out of it in different places. As for the secret ending, I think it’s a deeper commentary on self-awareness. The boy unplugs the massive computer and slumps down like a mindless zombie, implying something is mind-controlling him and now cannot, and thus the game ends. The Huddle is a large, grotesque mass of flesh, body parts, and organs that come from albinos. The word "huddle" means "to come together." The last person standing wins the game. DANGER!!! The alternate “secret” ending is a little more on the nose. My first playthrough I took the story pretty much at face value, thinking that the mer-lady somehow gave you the ability to breathe underwater instead of killing you, not delving too much into why you were able to become one with the rubber-limb-blob or thinking about why so many “scientists” (what my mind assumed) were watching you and helping you escape at the end. Beende das Spiel ohne Upgrades. In very few instances, some will aid the Huddle's progress. The Huddle's name was revealed by Playdead during GDC 2017. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Type:

Do not exchange accounts outside or inside the game. Let me preface this by saying that everyone else’s theories will be better/more interesting than mine, and also that I’m almost certainly totally wrong. The protagonist first discovers the Huddle trapped inside a large tank, being observed by several scientists. The easiest way to kill your time!

Why else would the scientists be watching the blob, waiting for something to happen?

Bleib auf dem Teppich! Indoor EDIT: I forgot to mention that the creature attaches some glowing light to you for a short time after she kills you, which looks kinda like the mind-control helmet.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Name of Group Game: The Blob Do not cheat to reach top Ranking of the game.

“Senatsberg” geschafft, Bleichstadt befreit After Inside, I was reminded of the line in Arrested Development about The Ocean Walker: “People are going to say, ‘what the hell just happened?

Nebenbei ein begeisterter Weltenbummler, Sportler und Serien-Liebhaber. It left me with the question of, “Now what?” – a question I believe the game is asking all of us. You can let us know in the comments below, and we'll add the best theories to this page! The purpose of the game is to not be touched by the Blob. The Huddle appears to have the ability to breathe underwater and mind-control other albinos and creatures just as the protagonist does after his final encounter with the Long-Haired Creature. Turn off the control -- by none other than you, the player? Whilst appearing to have several heads, the Huddle acts as if controlled by one mind and is able to perform simple tasks such as lifting objects or slamming itself into walls. Underwater Breathing: Likely a result of being experimented on, the Huddle can survive underwater for prolonged periods of time. The Huddle, also called the blob or the meatball, is a mass of combined human flesh and organs. Goal: To be the last person in the game, who isn’t part of the Blob. This would be the explanation of giving you powers to breathe underwater I suppose, however it doesn't explain why she never did that any other time she caught you and killed you, and why water starts becoming so weird after that. !1" theories. 1. The alternative I have is that the kid is trying to free the blob. Inside already established that these non-humans can controls others of their kind, so why couldn’t that be what’s happening with the blob? Pinkys INKT-Agenten-Handbuch vervollständigt, Senatsberg befreit – 50

People tend to forget that he was only 'killed' by her because he slipped and fell, there was no intent.

This game is currently blocked due to the new privacy regulation and isn't currently controlling it.

And this is reflected in the level design, too. Kind of sounds like my career with commenters at IGN.- Destin Legarie, Editorial Producer. If you stay underwater for too long, you die. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Do not take advantage of bugs in the game. The majority of the humans in the facility run away from the Huddle, either because of its grotesque nature or the fear of being killed. I have little evidence for this theory, except that the game stops making sense after this. In the underwater section, using the submersible to knock into a row of lockers will cause a small figurine of the Huddle to fall out.

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