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There are two sections where the boy must use a mind control device to take command of a zombie, then move the zombie to another mind control device, which in turn takes command of another zombie. If this is indeed the case, which gamers may never know because Playdead isn't in the habit of explaining their reasons to the public, then Inside's ending has more in common with sci-fi stories like The Matrix than people realize. This is some dark stuff. Playdead designed a game that they specifically wanted to be open-ended, decided by each player’s interpretation. But as players know, once the Huddle truly breaks free and rolls down the mountainside, Inside simply... ends. At this point there isn’t really a way to say one is definitively true, but that’s part of what makes Inside such a unique experience. There’s also a section where the boy is forced to blend in with the zombies and display basic motor skills like walking and jumping. Inside is another 2.5D puzzle game, and it features an unknown boy as the player character, whose sole job, as in many sidescrollers and puzzlers, is to get to the end. Home » Xbox » 6 Possible Inside Story and Ending Theories. From here we have a few different theories on what the rest of the game means, with some pieces of evidenced pointed out for each. “Each of us involved in the NBA betting scandal has our own story to share, and Thomas Martino shares his brilliantly in Inside Game.

Because of this the blob has taken control of the boy in an effort to break itself free from captivity. Another theory, which is perhaps the most logical considering Inside's secret ending. What separates this book from the usual fare is the accounting of the profound effects it had on the author’s life. There are multiple scenes in the game where we see what appears to be sentient masked human-like characters, watching and observing the zombie-like humans.

This one comes from a Reddit thread about the game’s ending. By doing so, the boy slumps into a zombie-like stance and the screen fades to black.

It’s full of symbolism and metaphors that can be taken multiple ways. Not available anywhere else!

Tell us what it is down in the comments below. You are playing inside a body as a red blood cell. Tom’s account is sobering and ultimately very enlightening as he is able to reestablish himself as the man he always knew he could be. As you solve more puzzles involving the zombies/drones you find out bits of information that make you feel like you’re solving the mystery behind Inside. The developers are trying to interfere with you along the way and do things to halt your progress, but once you find the blob, which is an amalgamation of zombies and pieces of information, they beging cheering for you and helping you. Now you might wonder how this could be possible, as the boy himself uses mind control on other being s in the world.

By collecting hidden spheres throughout the world, players can also unlock the game’s secret ending.

This one from Steam usur Talhante, o Bastardo do Futuro hypothesizes that the entire experience is merely an allegory for what a video game actually is. To subscribers of this theory, the act is symbolic of the umbilical cord forming. Taking this theory further, it states that the boy himself is the next step in mind control testing. Recommended to anyone who loves professional sports and sometimes wonders about the referee’s calls.”, Top 20 Charting Podcaster, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. Towards the end of Inside, players will find themselves - and the unnamed boy - absorbed into a creature known as the Huddle, which appears to be made up of human limbs and has been experimented on by scientists. The tumor is then extracted from the body and dies outside of its host.”. If you pull the plug, or turn off your power, there is of course no more game to play. Let’s finish things off with one particularly meta description for Inside.

Alright, here’s another wild theory involving mind control, this time breaking the fourth wall a bit too. He joined the team as a freelancer back in 2016 and somehow managed to fail upwards. 4 Reasons Why Seraphine is Splitting the League of Legends Community, Every Major Sony Exclusive Coming to PS5 So Far, Persona 5 Getting Beautiful Ann Takamaki Bikini Figure By TBS Glowdia, Coreupt for PC & Next-Gen Consoles Introduces New Character Sherman, Blue Protocol Gets New Screenshots Showing Cute Waitress Costumes, Stardew Valley 1.5 Update Will Add Splitscreen Co-Op, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima, Atelier Ryza, Doom Eternal & Plenty More Figures Revealed by Good Smile, 6 Possible Inside Story and Ending Theories.

What reason could there be to put such intricate puzzles and security in these random places in the game, if not to test the boy and ultimately have him control the blob? Special Thank-You Gift to Inside Game Book Buyers! Related: Everything On Xbox Game Pass For PC. You could say it’s in some kind of test just like in the first theory. Using the controller as a device, the player is actually another being forcing the boy to act through mind control. When you make your way into the final laboratory area of the game, we also see humans studying strange creatures in captivity, including the blob that you control at the end. Here we stumble upon a strange device hanging from the ceiling, with lifeless human forms lying in the background. Eventually the boy sheds his red coat and becomes a white blood cell and removes the blob, which symbolizes a tumor. These puzzles show that it is possible for multiple layers of mind control in the world of Inside. “Each of us involved in the NBA betting scandal has our own story to share, and Thomas Martino shares his brilliantly in Inside Game. (To unlock Inside's secret ending, players must deactivate all the hidden light orbs found throughout Inside's secret rooms.) The player has completed their task, and the control ends throug the blob’s death. Another offshoot of this theory says that the blob is controlling the player, who is in turn controlling the boy to free the blob.

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