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It is difficult to precisely interpret this scene, other than it displays all of Tarkovsky's surrealist elements – a bright mise-en-scene, eery music, and clever camera work – and thus brings Ivan's world into its most vivid focus. This might make it a good starting point for anyone new to Tarkovsky, though it is also a harrowing experience, one of the most affecting films about childhood and its destruction by war. Running through a lush forest to his mother, he points out a “cuckoo” not shown on the scene.

FRAME RATED is an online publication focusing on the world of film and television. The film is set on the front line of the world, on the edge of the no man’s land separating the Russians and the Germans. To put this in some sort of context, Sergei Parajanov, his only contemporary of similar stature in the Soviet film scene of the 1960s, suffered far more for his art, being persecuted and imprisoned several times because he refused to compromise on content.

Though the film begins with a shot of Ivan standing beside a tree and looking out through a spider’s web, perspective in this sequence frequently moves from such objective angles to perceptual filtration, a term used by Seymour Chatman to describe instances where images and sounds are relayed to the viewer ‘as if the narrator sat somewhere inside or just this side of the character’s consciousness and strained all events through the character’s sense of them’. AKA: Ivanovo detstvo, My Name Is Ivan, Childhood of Ivan Ivan's Childhood My Name Is Ivan, Childhood of Ivan, The Youngest Spy. Nikolai Grinko, AKA:
Tarkovsky’s greatest achievement with Ivan’s Childhood is managing to create something with so many memorable and potently poetic images out of material that could have, so easily, become too dark and depressing.

Ivan runs through sun-bleached meadows and chases butterflies, becoming as weightless as one, and we fly with him into the tree canopy, then down to a beach where a woman carries a bucket of water from a well. Returning to the opening shot of the film, Ivan quickly moves away from the web and out of the frame to the left just before the camera rises to the top of the tree.

In June 1961, with Tarkovsky at the directorial helm, production resumed with location filming along the Dnieper River in the Ukraine, near Kaniv—smack in the middle of a fiercely contested territory. Thus, from the outset, the film establishes two inverse and, for the moment, divergent narrative planes. At the time, philosopher, novelist and playwright, Jean-Paul Sartre, recognised the film’s freshness and the profound impact it would have, writing “it is not the Golden Lion that will go on to be the true reward for Tarkovsky but the polemical interest raised by his film with those who are struggling together for liberation of man against war.”. Contact | Scenes set inside buildings that are simultaneously empty and cramped are also dark affairs, with faces often hidden in attached shadows. However, the fact that we see Ivan within the dream creates a degree of objectification in this and later sequences. However, the fact that we see Ivan within the dream creates a degree of objectification in this and later sequences. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Twelve-year-old Ivan, after his childhood was yanked away by German soldiers, commits himself to the Soviet cause, infiltrating enemy territory to gather strategic information. Children of victims holding a grudge against the children of perpetrators and so perpetuating the cycle of conflict. Disclaimer | No content appearing on this site may be reproduced, reposted, or reused without the written permission of its author or creator. - The well water splashes up and drenches her dead corpse. Ivan's Childhood (1962) Plot. The beautiful monochrome photography looks great on this new digitally restored high-definition print from the Criterion Collection and an uncompressed monaural soundtrack makes the most of the sound design and music by Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov. After a rewrite, the script was finally approved by the state committee for film and Mosfilm assigned the project to Eduard Abalov. - Music – Tarkovsky's choice of musical accompaniment contributes to the surreal feeling of the scene. It’s probably the most traditional of Tarkovsky’s work in terms of the camerawork and especially the pacing—which is relatively swift compared to his later, more ponderous productions. Ivan awakes in a burnt-out windmill and makes his way across a desolate landscape under drifting clouds of black smoke. Horses stand along the beach and the camera focuses on one in the foreground leaning down and biting into an apple.

This meant that young film graduates, who’d not been given a chance under the restrictions of the totalitarian regime, were suddenly finding increased opportunity as the film industry recovered and more and more films went into production. There is no commentary—to be fair, the film would probably be difficult to watch with such an intrusion, but we do get an informative appreciation of the film by Vida T. Johnson, co-author of The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky: A Visual Fugue. as Gal'tsev carries the exhausted boy to bed but as the camera scans the room it quickly becomes apparent that reality is giving way to dream and for the next few seconds both the character and the narration straddle the two worlds. This area is a dark muddy swamp, with a black river separating the warring sides. director: Andrei Tarkovsky. The area was remembered in the Russian psyche for the 1918 Battle of Kaniv, which ended in siege, and as the site of a tragic defeat during the Second World War, when a paratrooper division was dropped behind enemy lines but failed to slow the Nazi advance… Tarkovsky must have thought it resonated well with the script’s subject matter. Here, in this sequence, the camera tilts up, just as it did at the start of the first dream, towards the ceiling to reveal the top of a well. (He did go on to direct a two or three small films and had marginally better luck as an actor.) This motif of soothing, gentle music during dreams and silence except for mortar explosions during reality is repeated throughout the film. One may think the web looks a bit fake, like a child’s drawing, and it’s not long until we realise we’re looking through a window into Ivan’s idyllic dreamworld. Within moments he is making his way through a dark swamp and there is another reversal of the opening shot. With it, the viewer is almost blinded at times by the sharp distinction between darkness and light. Bogomolov, exercising his moral rights as the author, didn’t … Statistics |

Read Analysis. This totally understandable reaction, to try to deal with or derail his internal anguish (at the loss of his family, his home, his community, his entire village) is but a fractal of what drives many a war. From the opening frames of I, , Tarkovsky uses a series of graphic matches to actively encourage the viewer to link the two characters, despite their obvious differences on the surface. Ivan's Childhood (Russian: Ива́ново де́тство, romanized: Ivanovo detstvo), sometimes released as My Name Is Ivan in the US, is a 1962 Soviet war drama film and the first feature film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.Co-written by Mikhail Papava, Andrei Konchalovsky and an uncredited Tarkovsky, it is based on Vladimir Bogomolov's 1957 short story Ivan (Russian: Иван). Other scenes depict barren fields, with ruined buildings. A confusion of spatial relationships and distortions of reality are characteristic of all the pre-oneiric sequences, as is the use of filtration just before the slip into the alternate narrative plane. , the director uses surreal devices such as dreams and imagined sounds and persons to inform the audience of the title character's backstory and reveal to us the homesick boy that lies buried underneath the fearless soldier. Stubborn and weary, he no longer bears any traits of the lively … Stepan Krylov Download the report to view the premium rate change trends being experienced by all agencies and insurers across the U.S. insurance market.

Admins, If you want to be pernament logged-in, check in form. Yusov would work with Tarkovsky again on Solaris (1972) and photograph around 20 films over the next four decades. The flashbacks were not in the original treatment and draw upon Tarkovsky’s own idyllic childhood as their source material. Eduard Abalov, Cast: The expressive, low and wide angle shots make it clear his reality is now more like a nightmare. Synopsis: A pair of underachieving … Mikhail Papava, the first writer to attempt a screen adaptation, changed the ending to make it more heroic and up-beat, retitling it Second Life. The film features child actor Nikolai … Tarkovsky explained that this was a reference to his childhood (Sculpting in Time, 29). The director himself said he “wanted to capture in that scne the child's foreboding of imminent tragedy” as well to “link” this dream with the final one (31). Yevgeni Zharikov Perhaps because the film was so different from most of its precursors, it captured the nation’s imagination and did incredibly well in their domestic cinemas. He would submit his scripts for approval, then continually re-write and adapt during almost every stage of production: changing and adding dialogue, using different locations, writing whole new sequences as he went along. The first image we see is Ivan as a young boy, framed by a spider’s web.

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