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They can’t step out and do that swivel. And I’ll have to lock down that particular area where I come from, which is the West Cumbria near the Lake District. He has a PhD in Marketing and taught on the MBA programmes of leading business schools including London Business School and MIT. Mark Ritson 42:27 we get a lot of, we get a lot of people from ci m, up to level six during the course. Not.

Joe Glover 16:15 Awesome. Now, a couple of caveats. Joe Glover 54:49 Sure. So if you want to have a look at some bullets to shoot at your senior management, knitting Noria, there’s a name for you is the Dean of Harvard Business School. We don’t prioritise mental health as much as we do physical health. And I got dinged, and it’s a pretty fucking average school. They’re not fucking ready to go, who have changed everything right. And I get a lot of a lot of marketers will say to me, Look, I’m really interested in working for x company, or, you know, I really want to work in that company, what is your advice and my advice is fucking apply. Then I discovered that it was a really good way to get my stuff out there. It’s not being emotive and looking at the camera with a big you know, with these big blonde down we are all Yes, it’s very tricky. Does that make sense in that light, you might want to reduce it but yeah, it’s we were short term when times were good. We need to find a less loving, more realistic place for brand strategy. We’re not going to get more environmentally aware for fuck sake, we’re not going to treat animals better. So my advice is look strategies. So the question that’s come up so far is from Ashley Sega, that says, say the UK government was a marketing department of big brand. But the goal here is having an Accenture voice of more than eight points, gives you nearly 5% market share gain for each year this session last so that you know my suggestion is always go with go with history. So yeah, I’d probably say PNG is my fav.

You see, I mean, it’s a real struggle for people who build their businesses to see that, because they’re so into the nuts of the product. Quite the opposite. What’s our position? Maintaining your ad campaign and your advertising spend, as everybody else pulls back gives you a bigger relative Share of Voice, you get a market share from that, that you retain at the end of the recession whenever it all starts spending the same as you that’s it in a nutshell. Show them the historical data we talked about earlier? Yeah, it’s a big fucker that’s coming down the pipe.

That’s the kind of thing that keeps the lights on. More information can be found in our Cookies Policy and Privacy  Most of them are not just interested in marketing their products; they want to make a difference.

All rights reserved. All rights reserved. You know, when you when I was an early academic, if any manager read anything I wrote, I was like, you know, aroused. during those periods, there wasn’t there was not as long a period but a significant period where everyone thought the world was going to totally fucking change. And we ask them, which is better, and it’s not the aim. So the best way to do is to move sideways probably for less money. How can marketing help stop the hysteria? Now, I get fucking a million views on a post. I list a whole bunch of studies that you can look up that show this same effect I went into great detail and then I can go into it now Joe if you want we should probably stay on questions right but let me do it in three seconds you’re doing three seconds.

Teaching brand management … He studied about 4000 firms and he found that about 9% of them come out stronger than the ones that went in and one of their hallmarks is they cut elsewhere to maintain marketing so I’d like that and then I did a talk about a month ago online when it all started called marketing in the age of the Coronavirus. If you want to go through talking through your few bits and pieces, I can see it one question has already started to come through so people can start. So I mean, I’m writing it flippantly as the column as I always, I suppose do, but I genuinely feel like if you ask Dave Trott and Haggerty and the other people name in the column to come to 10 Downing Street and sort it the fuck out a that Would and be, we would save hundreds of thousands of lives. We know how this works. So I see the researchers face to right. But also, you know, what we’ve got, we’ve got the world’s best communications people. It’s evening here so I’m not an alcoholic, while I might be an alcoholic, but it’s, it’s it’s five o’clock here, which is sort of legal drinking time down in Tasmania.

Now, give it to us. What is it? Mark Ritson 48:20 what about Richard sharp? When did marketers become so ashamed of managing brands? So it’s a great course because of what it does for our students, our marketers. We need Google and Facebook and the best account planners in the country who are the best in the world to get to 10 Downing Street and go, right.

Marketing is short term by definition, because it’s it’s stupidly short term. Because I use LinkedIn because I had so many students and it was just a good way of managing them and they needed stuff in the future and staying in touch. I just take him out my feed, and I edit it because it’s worth it. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. And that that’s, that’s what that’s what’s missing right now. Mark Ritson 56:19 I think you have to argue respectfully with the client that keeping the brand light on is smarter than turning it off and try to turn it back on later. So it’s a really, it’s a really well studied thing. That’s why no one wants to say it, but it’s true.

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