martin d45 vs d28

Some of it is solid shell, but most used today is a veneer, which insures a top layer of the best looking stuff. Another solid-peghead 12-fret D-45 was produced as a custom order in ’37. Anyone ever tried each back to back ???? Not sure if there is anything like that for D28 vs. D35, but it's worth a search. I agree with Randy. Although Martin grades its wood on looks alone this does not automatically mean it has no effect on tone, especially where spruce soundboards are concerned. It has been maybe 20 years ago that I first posed the very same question in the forum at Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and similar places on the internet. Fingerstyle guitarists Howard Emerson has at times glued strips of felt onto his head stock, to deaden the harmonics that he at least could hear ringing off the strings of a Martin guitar between the nut and the tuners. The first D-45 (serial number 53177) was made for Gene Autry in ’33 as a custom order.

When you inevitably bring it into a shop to play it alongside a 45, you can always trade it in if the spirit moves you.

I played a D45 once, and was able to compare it to other GC Staples such as high end Taylor and Gibsons.

Hipgrncln. Which is why so many people own at least one dreadnought. If I had to pick one, the J45 just sounds more to what I like...thankfully I don't have to pick on. The big conclusion is that, with very few custom shop exceptions, the Authentic line truly is a tonal notch above the rest. Find more Reader’s Questions in Spoon’s Mailbag. D-41, D-42 and D-45 are technically speaking all the same nowadays.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’ve been playing a 1966 D-28 since I bought it used in 74, and I’ve rarely played any other guitar that I like as much, although some are “close”.
Haven't played a Martin that I like better. Gibson J-45 vs Martin D-28 – Which is The Better Guitar?

That being said, it has been played on stage with your music idols such as Clarence White and Elvis Presley to name a few. Ditson had Martin produce a variety of models, including ukuleles, mandolins, and guitars. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sus9. Wonderful reading and I appreciate your thoroughness and opinion. ;-) L. lamenlovinit Member. It had an almost “distorted”, electric quality to it. Also consider Martin HD16RLSH, HD16A, and D28P. A forum community dedicated to guitar owners and enthusiasts. As a result, the woods and abalone difference produces a different tone. Yamaha FS800 vs FG800 – Which is The Better Guitar? Down below, we’ll get to see what both of these guitars offer. And if anyone tells you to play a Taylor, please laugh at them. Quick Answer: It has a solid peghead. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! #mc_embed_signup{clear:left; font:12px Arvo,serif; width:100%;} In the end I traded it for a 2005 ‘37 D18a. Taylor 714ce vs Taylor 814ce – Which is The Better Guitar? They're just more heavily built. Thank you for your question, Val. These earliest instruments had fan bracing very much like a classical guitar. Back during my original comparisons, it became noticeable that the 45s had everything the 28s did, but there was this extra “stuff” on the edge of the voice, or down inside it. #mergeRow-gdpr fieldset label {font-weight: normal;} However, the difference is subtle, so it makes sense to me when some people claim it does not exist at all. And so I don’t know what he did with it, but he had it with him for a long time. With this construction, the D-28 produces the best sounding bass with a bit of scooped sounding and ringing trebles. On the other hand, the Martin D-28 would also make a great choice. ... How about a D45 compared to these two? This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, schroeter received 5 Gold Points from Tapatalk, 1 person sent a silver award to this post.

Although Mike Longworth’s research of Martin records reveals seven of the style 111 mahogany dreadnoughts and seven of the style 222 early dreadnoughts, as well as his statement that 19 111s were produced between ’23 and ’30, these instruments are so scarce I have personally seen only three. I am glad you did not ask me if the difference in tone between the two guitars justifies the price.

The ’34 14-fret D-18 and D-28 were the first dreadnought guitars featured in Martin catalogs. I've seen a great Youtube comparison of D28 vs. HD28. By the end of ’34, specs on dreadnoughts and other models were altered to feature a steel T bar reinforcement in the neck and modern-style frets. Since many non-pearled Martins are ordered with Grade 8 spruce tops used on 45s, why would they sound differently? Martin D28. In ’34, Martin altered the specifications of the dreadnought guitars to the 14-fret version with the body style still in production today. I have also met a grown man convinced that the standard D-28 sounds no different from his DR, made from laminated rosewood with simplified bracing, and an M&T neck joint. The martin D-18 is also perfect in a band as it cuts through the mix better. EIN 37-1912117. And I’ve heard the AA’s are a step up from the A. Psalm 3:5 I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. If one has new or even newer strings and hardly been played and the other has been sitting in the acoustics room for ages and been played a lot with the original strings, you will definitely be not getting a true comparison.

In either case, it COULD be what your ears have been looking for. While the D-45 has a neck that is bound with white plastic, the majority of the price hike has to do with the 900+ pieces of abalone shell inlaid on the front, sides and back of the D-45, and the hours of labor by the master craftspeople who do the inlay work. If I was looking to increase the bottom end but staying with standard guitars, I would look at. The difference in cost is partly because of the higher grade rosewood and spruce. The 12-fret dreadnought guitars from … That was certainly not the case for me. Overall, the D-18 does not only produce a loud sound, but it’s also filled with harmonic complexity. In ’46, Martin continued to use herringbone trim on the tops. However, they altered the specifications from Adirondak spruce to Sitka spruce and larger dots were used on the fingerboards. Guitar Junky is an music-oriented digital magazine that aims to provide the best reviews and guides on musical instruments.

D-18s from the 1930s are incredibly fine instruments that compare favorably to similarly-aged D-28s and D-45s in tone, volume, and projection. I noticed a very big sonic gap between the D28-D35 family and the D41. Violeiro. damn! With its ability to blend in smoothly with other instruments or just in combo with your own voice, sound engineers have no trouble working with it. Most of my rosewood Martins have been made in styles below the 40s, but I have owned a couple of 42s and they sound noticeably different than any other guitar I have owned, and in the same way.

Best, Chris. Many years later, sitting in an attic in New Jersey with Wayne Henderson and TJ Thompson, as they discussed repairing pre-war 45s, I asked them about it, and there was agreement, with Wayne saying, “the 45s always seem to sound different.” They thought my reasoning was interesting, but didn’t really have an opinion one way or the other as to why they might sound differently. As they both have a bulbous low E string compared to their D-28 equivalents. I'd go for the D28 though in this comparison it is a bit too bright and ringing to me,  sounds like a newer guitar. I think it was in either 2017 or 2018 I tried both a brand new D-18 and D-28 and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the tone of the D-18. 2,423 1,491 6. Martin records indicate production totals as: D-18 – ’31 one, ’32 three, ’33 nine, and; D-28 – ’31 one, ’32 four, ’33 12.

Over the years, I came to like the 40s Martin sound. I’m with Bill. Which stores have you been to that have 40 series Martins on the shelf? sammi4259. The D28 Lounge > D41 vs D45 Build Quality. Other differences include: The D-28 has a white Corian nut, while the D-35 uses bone. According to Peter Szego, an authority on the evolution of the acoustic guitar, it was only one of many non-wood materials used for cosmetic marquetry over the centuries, but it survived all the rest because purfling can indeed effect tone and often for the worse. He, he didn’t have his own tour bus yet. Some larger cities have flagship Guitar Center or Sam Ash stores, which have a higher chance of finding a D-45, D-42 or other high-end Martin. The street price difference is more like $4,150. Plus, it’s the cheaper option. HD-28 is more expensive than the D-28. The 45 and 28AA are pretty different guitars. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. I have no idea your preferences, but if I had the cash and liked the neck and could find one with a decent back, I’d start at the top of the heap with the 28AA. 1931 marked the introduction of Martin brand D-sized guitars.
Post Oct 09, 2019 #7 2019-10-09T14:22. Loved the guitar so much I entertained the idea of changing necks. The 28AA is a monstrous instrument that is second to none in the current Martin lineup, in terms of sound and vintage accuracy. In any event, it did not sound like WOOD to me, or at least what my brain was looking for in “the Martin sound.”. So, while part of me feels sorry for people who can’t hear the difference between an HD-28 and a D-45, or an OM-28 GE and an OM-45 GE, another part of me envies them. And I think we all agree that in sessions it is a fundamental advantage. Registered Member. One of the main reasons I prefer (much prefer) the D28 over the HD28 is the "thump" / less overtones / and slight faster decay on the sustain the D28 has compared to the HD28.

You have to play them to see which tone is more pleasing to your ears. And I don’t know what he wrote or what he did, but I know, you know, something must have happened back there. I am lucky enough to own both; and each is a 2017 version. That would be a good start. Is the D42 significantly better or just different ???? Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited. I read all 50+ pages, and have seen about all the videos I can get reviewing both. Or for that matter the D-28 Authentic 1931!

When asked, my response is to ask why it would not. Wow...that "thump" on the J45, the punch and the slightly faster decay getting ready for the next note on the sustain...that is what I LOVE on this comparison...truly different than all others I have. Price in this case is not a concern. An interesting question. The query really is, to what degree does it have an effect, and is it easily perceptible enough to matter, in terms of preference or price? I so loved the look of the D-45 and OM-42, and I kept trying to find one with a voice that would make me pay the extra money to buy it. Plus the hide glue, T-bar, and thin finish. Personally, I have yet to play a D-28 in any configuration that sounds like a D-45 Stephen Stills or a D-45 Authentic 1942, no matter what top or bracing it has.

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