matt rhule offense

While there can be concerns about a collegiate coach’s scheme translating to the NFL level, Rhule has shown enough variance to suggest that his passing game will be successful. Matt Rhule's offense won't be as up-tempo as Baylor is used to, but that doesn't mean it can't be effective. In their offense were some core passing concepts that you see every game on Saturdays and Sundays, such as the fade-out. Amid his time at Temple and Baylor, Rhule appeared to be a coach that favored utilizing his running backs. Not many people see Rhule as a schematic genius, but rather more of a program builder and leader of men. “We’re hoping that we build this offense that you really wouldn’t be able to pick your poison, I think he’s a great fit for our offensive system. “And Mrs. Coughlin comes up: ‘Oh Matt, we’re so happy for you. The boundary receiver runs a slant route, and the quarterback throws it when the safety bites too hard towards the run. He was active last week […], The latest threat to today’s Broncos-Patriots game came yesterday, with the news that Denver running backs coach Curtis Modkins tested positive. 1, he had a plan, and he never panicked,” Rhule told Serby Says. On this rep, Baylor is running GT Counter (guard and tackle pulling) with a speed-out from the wide receiver. Who would fill out his staff? “ ‘You’re gonna stay here for the rest of the year though?’ And he walks out. That doesn’t mean everything always has to be warm and fuzzy, but things have to be honest and real.”. His teams are generally on the aggressive side, as he’s known to give his offensive coordinator a benchmark on third down that if reached, the offense will stay on the field for 4th down. Lining up in 12 personnel (1 running back, 2 tight ends), Baylor picked up chunks of yardage on straight-ahead quarterback power. While an NFL offense might shy away from this concept because of the tighter hash marks and closer alignments of pro cornerbacks, Baylor ran plenty of RPOs that could translate to the NFL game. “Whether we won, or whether we lost, there was a schedule, there was a plan, there was a process, and he was gonna stick to it. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. The quarterback has a simple read: if there is no immediate flat defender, then he should pull the ball and throw the speed-out. Baylor almost exclusively ran inside zone away from their tight end or H-back, an interesting approach not normally seen as a base concept. While Rhule’s offense has evolved from 22 personnel power football over the years, his coaching philosophy hasn’t changed nearly as much. He’s a family guy.

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