nap of a star lyrics

Because I believe in you even if I'm insecure, I can touch even if you aren't in front of me, My heart always dances just at the memory of you like it used to before, I wanna be your nap and forever dream together, The afternoon sunset and the darkening night sky, The memories of my childhood years dancing in the starlight, I wish we could be together, clear in your dreams, Even when I call out to you at the night sky, the unanswering dark silence, I'm afraid, The magical moments, the night sky we used to walk, In my dream, you walked slowly towards and told me, And not to worry as my tears fell (Not to worry), The magical moments, the glowing night sky, Neoui gieogmaneulodo nae maeumeun eonjena chumchuneun geol yejeoncheoleom, Neoui najjami doeeoseo gati kkumeul kkugo sipeo eonjena, Noeuli jineun jeonyeogdo kamkamhaejin bamhaneuldo, Byeolbiche chumchudeon eolin sijeolui gieogdeul, Ne kkumsogeseon hamkkeyeosseumyeon johgesseo seonmyeonghage, Bamhaneule neol bulleodo daedab eobsneun geomeun chimmug museowo, Mabeob gatdeon geu sungandeul neowa geoddeon bamhaneuldo, Kkumsogeseo nega cheoncheonhi dagawa naege malhaesseo, Nunmuli heuleuneun naege geogjeong mallago (Geogjeong mallago), Joyonghi malhaesseo (Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu), Mabeob gatdeon geu sungandeul chanlanhaessdeon bamhaneuldo. → K-Translation As if nothing had happened I’d like it if in your dream, we were together, clearly, The dark silence that does not answer when I call for you in the night sky scares me, I can see even if you're not by my side → W-2020 I feel you, even if you don’t say a word Maybe we should forget it now → List of Artists TOMORROW X TOGETHER - 별의 낮잠 (Nap of the Star) (Romanized) Lyrics: I can see nae ap-e nega eobs-eodo / I feel you amu mal haji anh-ado / Because I believe in you bul-anhaedo / … They're on my mind. in case it’Il be forgotten like this I can feel you even if you don't say a word TOMORROW X TOGETHER - 별의 낮잠 (Nap of the Star) (English Translation) Lyrics I can see even if you're not by my side I can feel you even … Even if it's fading away now We have no ad to show to you! I want to be your nap so I can dream with you no matter when Huuuuu Huuuuu I can touch nunape nega eobseodo 05.

I reach, even if you leave for somewhere far from me Nap of the Star is the 5th and final track of TXT’s debut album, THE DREAM CHAPTER : STAR. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Because I believe in you bulanhaedo 04. My heart is full of you Memories of childhood dancing in the sky have my heart full of you, Even if the memories of my childhood that danced in the moonlight → Privacy

You come closer to me in my dreams and you said to me I can see nae ape nega eobseodo 02. I can see nae ap-e nega eobs-eodo / I feel you amu mal haji anh-ado Lyrics: I can see, even if you’re not in front of me. → Login Because I believe in you, even if I’m anxious.

Even with just the memories, my heart is always dancing, like back then, I want to be your nap so that I can dream with you at any time As if nothing happened As if nothing happened TOMORROW X TOGETHER - 별의 낮잠 (Nap of the Star) (English Translation), TOMORROW X TOGETHER - 별의 낮잠 (Nap of the Star) (English Translation) Lyrics, TOMORROW X TOGETHER - THE DREAM CHAPTER: STAR (English Translation), TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Blue Orangeade (English Translation), TOMORROW X TOGETHER - 어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN) (English Translation), TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Our Summer (English Translation), TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Cat & Dog (English Translation). Year: 2019. Huuuuu Huuuuu I wish we would stay in my dreams clearly By clicking "Accept" you agree to their use, but you can opt-out if you wish. Album: The Dream Chapter: Star Even if it's just in your memories, my hearts is always dancing, just like before The moments that felt like magic and brilliant night sky
I reach even if you go far away from me I'm afraid of the dark silence that doesn't answer when I call out to you in the night sky Song: 별의 낮잠 (Nap of a Star) (English Translation) Album: The Dream Chapter: Star. On March 4, TXT dropped their first album, The Dream Chapter: Star, and, as expected, fans lost it.

That those moments that had felt like magic, and that the night sky I had walked with you

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