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Your Vote 2020: 10 policies of each party outlined, in 40 seconds ... National Party's policies: ... 1 NEWS’ politics reporter Anna Whyte has 10 policies from New Zealand First in 40 seconds. The schools climate strike marked a recent highpoint for youth political action, as young people across the world took to the streets to demand climate action.

Danyl Mclauchlan traces the life & times of one of the most compelling and enduring characters in NZ political history, Labour can claim line honours in the race to build more homes but National also ran a good race in its last two terms in government, with the much maligned Resource Management Act in place, Paul Goldsmith on why using borrowed money to invest in the Super Fund is a bad idea, even if halting contributions would reduce the size of the fund by $20 billion over 10 years, Peter Dunne is underwhelmed and undecided little more than a week out from the election, Gareth Vaughan on a green future v an authoritarian future, ancient hunter-gathers & modern day anxiety, debt relief for poor countries, Billy Te Kahika in the South China Morning Post, the teeny tiny EU unifier, Terry Baucher outlines a potential menu to rein in soaring house prices featuring the application of the thin capitalisation regime to investment property, and reintroduced and stricter LVR restrictions for all buyers except first home buyers, Why Labour believes the government needs to underwrite housing developments, and how it plans to 'stabilise' house price growth when it's up against the RBNZ cutting interest rates, Gareth Vaughan strives to spark a 21st century conversation on government debt, urging our politicians to leave the ghost of Rob Muldoon behind and focus on the real challenges New Zealand faces today, Labour Party candidate Vanushi Walters says New Zealand needs stability and continuity, and money up its sleeve in an uncertain COVID-19 dominated world, "A better line of enquiry would have been to ask both leaders of the main parties why they don't think a wealth tax is needed and what they're going to do about taxing capital. The rainbow community still faces challenges others don’t, including high rates of suicide. Support initiatives that provide Pasifika entrepreneurs with businesses support, Continue to implement Pacific health strategy, Aim to increase Pacific employment in the public sector, Re-establish business group made up of people from minority ethnic communities, Fund implementation of Pacific health and wellbeing action plan, Continue programmes to increase cultural competency in education workforce, Continue to implement Pacific education plan, Double Māori and Pacific trade training and cadetships placements, Create more tertiary education pathways for Māori and Pacific students who have not achieved entrance requirements, Develop a national Pasifika education strategy, Increase funding to Māori and Pasifika community health providers, Increase the capacity of the Ministry of Pacific Peoples, Support student media, Māori media and Pasifika media, Reform teacher registration rules that penalise teachers qualified in the Pacific, Fund Pasifika people to train as healthcare workers, Encourage Pasifika people to train in small business, art, IT, research and education, Stop prioritising Māori and Pasifika for elective surgeries, Continue to implement the disability strategy, Provide families with tools to care for family members with disabilities, Explore ways to ensure disadvantaged children are enrolled in and attend ECE, Provide learning plans for all children who have learning support needs, Simplify learning support funding application process, Expand trials of specialist support staff in secondary schools, Improve accessibility to government services and support, Support initiatives to help more disabled people into work, Continue increasing the number of learning support coordinators in schools, Replace the minimum wage exemption with a wage supplement, Continue to reform the health system based on the Health and Disability System Review, Increase the availability of captions at cinemas and on TV, Require 25 percent of new public housing to meet universal design standards, Provide greater support for public leadership for the disability community, Expand ACC income support to all disabilities or health conditions regardless of cause, Uphold the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with benchmarks Become a Supporter Podcast - subscribe here GDP Live Sign up for our free newsletters Banking newsletter subscription

But the struggle for fair treatment, recognition and inclusion by marginalised groups continues. Our Policies . Contest over the rights and responsibilities of speech has become controversial in recent years, with social justice movements seeking to deplatform speakers and boycott events considered problematic. Authorised by D Smith, Suite 2.5, 27 Gillies Avenue, Newmarket, Auckland 1023. Recent incidents of seniors being poorly cared for or abused by care providers have undermined trust in the system. People with disabilities face unique barriers to inclusion in society. National formed in 1936 as a combination of the Reform and United parties to oppose the growing labour movement. It's a wake-up call that this election couldn't be closer - a thriller decision 2020. Party profile: National Party — NZ Election 2020 It has been in government five times and had eight leaders become prime minister. Election 2020: How Judith Collins and National win the 2020 election - NZ Herald Election 2020: Parties' main policies at a glance - NZ Herald Election 2020… National's inconsistency on policy; Labour's on delivery, Our political parties' energy policies are more important than ever this election, The extraordinary political career of Winston Raymond Peters, Considerably more new homes have been consented under Labour than National, National's plan to halt Super Fund contributions would cost about $20 billion, Early voting is OK - if you know who to vote for, Top 5 COVID-19 special: A green v an authoritarian future, hunter-gathers & modern anxiety, debt relief, EU unity & more, How our politicians could stop kicking the housing tax can down the road, Megan Woods: ‘We are not going to lose money on housing’, Can we please move on from fretting about government debt and focus on things that really matter, Contrasting Labour’s 'responsible fiscal plan' with National’s 'bungled budget'.

If you're already a Supporter, login here: Jacinda Ardern: Labour has a mandate to form a government within the next 3 weeks; Talks with the Greens won't happen until next week, Judith Collins hopes to contest the 2023 election as National leader, saying the party needs 'stability'; She pledges to have a 'thorough' party review conducted, Chris Trotter hears Jacinda Ardern calling the result a 'mandate to accelerate' but he wonders where to and what that means given her essentially conservative instincts that won over so many National voters, Election 2020: Updates on the results, commentary, thrills and spills of the evening, David Seymour suggests government should consider requiring the RBNZ's Monetary Policy Committee to target asset price inflation, A housing stock-take after three years of a Labour-led Government - what was and wasn't delivered, Economist Brian Easton says MMP may deliver a parliament which reflects us, but frequently the government does not, 1 News-Colmar Brunton Poll: Labour would need Greens' support to govern; Support for Greens' climbs to 8%, A day on the campaign trail: Jacinda Ardern sees silver lining of regional house price growth; Judith Collins rubbishes underwriting property development, Allan Barber reports that for the rural sector, 'good intentions' by most parties are backed up either thin, superficial, or counterproductive policy ideas, few of which will appeal to farmers, or achieve those 'good intentions', Geoff Simmons says regardless of who forms the government after this weekend, there is no plan to make housing affordable, David Hargreaves tries but fails to look on the bright side of an election campaign that has been as uninspiring as it has been drawn out and brings out a short wish list for the future, Keeping 'em honest: A look at the glaring inconsistencies on politicking around the wage subsidy, JobStart and house price growth, Advanced voting surges - 1.15 million people have cast their votes already, with 453k doing so over the weekend, Brian Fallow takes a look at the energy policies of the Labour, National, Green and ACT parties against the backdrop of uncertainty over the future of the aluminium smelter at Tiwai Point and the oil refinery at Marsden Point, Chris Trotter looks at Labour's history with the Greens, and suggests in Auckland Central Jacinda Ardern should free her party’s supporters to shift their electorate vote to the Greens’ Chloe Swarbrick, More than 40 years after he arrived in parliament, Winston Peters is facing, barring a miracle, the end of the line. The New Zealand National Party (Rōpū Nāhinara) is currently the main opposition party in parliament. EPSOM ELECTORATE OFFICE 09 522 7464. Compare the policies, candidates, parties and referendums to see where you stand. As the impacts of climate change increase in frequency and intensity, NZ's responsibilities to its neighbours and Pasifika communities at home are becoming more pressing. In recent years, these struggles have overlapped with debates around the limits – and responsibilities – of free expression.

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