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The Independent Group for Change and UKIP remain in the secondary prompt list. In Michigan, about three and a half times as more people have voted in 2020 compared to 2016.

It’s a face that Barack Obama has recognized.

Covid symptoms: What are they and how do I protect myself? Several of the pollsters have them one or two points below their peak in the latest figures. A Mason Dixon Polling Strategy survey, meanwhile, showed Trump three points behind Biden in Florida.

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Labour Party, Conservative Party, Brexit Party, Liberal Democrat, The Independent Group, UKIP, Green Party, SNP, DUP, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein, Ulster Unionist Party, Women's Equality Party.

We will refer to the election as if it were to take place 5 years after the last one unless it becomes clear that an early general election will happen. It would still need another big move, though, to reach the 84% that the Conservatives and Labour achieved between them in 2017. Also, some other recent polls have suggested that Labour have moved a bit closer to the Conservatives than they are in the YouGov poll. Sign up for Insider Politics. With 65 per cent of the population believing he has done a poor job in fighting Covid-19 - overseeing 215,000 American deaths and even failing to stop an outbreak stalking the corridors of the West Wing and blighting his own health and that of his wife, son and staff -  you better believe the president is trying to change the topic away from the pandemic.

In Florida, the number of ballots already cast early has doubled compared to 2016. Prior to August 2019, BMG did not prompt the Brexit Party and the Greens initially. But it's important to look at the range of possible outcomes their analysis implies. There are also systematic differences between polling companies who approach people in different ways, who ask different questions and who analyse the results differently. Nationally, Biden is at 51.5 per cent, according to RCP averages of all the polls. Going in the other direction, the Brexit Party are down to 9% in the BBC poll tracker - their lowest score since the party was launched in April. For Indy Voices,  George Ajjan assesses the polling landscape as we head into the home straight of this most unpredictable of election years. In the meantime, the Liberal Democrats have fallen away a little from their party conference highpoint to settle at that 18%-ish level they've occupied for much of the autumn while the Brexit Party continue to drift downwards. If the actual election result goes a similar way it could mean the smaller parties making gains in terms of seats at the expense of the big two. Results from 1 poll, conducted from 17 September 2020 to 18 September 2020. The Brexit Party is down, and the Lib Dems are also a bit lower than before. But there would have to be a pretty big shift to point to a different overall result. Trump is doing worse with all white, Shy Biden voters Joe Biden could get a boost from undecided voters, Track: Hollywood Undead announce new album and share a new version of track – Heart Of A Champion, Starmer: Richard Leonard can become next First Minister, Voting Intention: Con 39%, Lab 38% (14 - 15 Oct), Ball survey shows UK consumer interest in cans with recyclability message, FIFA 21 Sold More Digital Units Than Physical in the UK for the First Time, Public want schools kept open above everything in second lockdown — but men care less, Covid-19: One in five parents treated unfairly at work, Do you think schools should or should not provide food during non-term times to students currently receiving free, Police in London have broken up a wedding reception attended by 100 guests. However, this still needs to be treated with caution for several reasons.

Local elections in England and Northern Ireland, multilevel regression and poststratification, YouGov/ITV Cymru Wales/Cardiff University, Leadership approval opinion polling for the 2019 United Kingdom general election, Opinion polling for the next United Kingdom general election, Opinion polling for the next National Assembly for Wales election, Opinion polling for the next Scottish Parliament election, Opinion polling for the next Northern Ireland Assembly election, Opinion polling on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union (2016–present), Opinion polling for the 2019 European Parliament election in the United Kingdom, List of United Kingdom by-elections (2010–present), "Johnson says he had 'no choice' over election", "Latest Brexit Barometer: Labour 9 points ahead of Conservatives", "Worst public satisfaction ratings for any government since John Major", "Here's how we prompt for the Brexit Party, and why it's more accurate", "Brexit Party increases lead as Tories struggle", "Poll tracker: How popular are the Westminster political parties?

It's still based on polling which, as we know, is always subject to error.

This margin of error only applies to national vote share: converting that into seats in Parliament is much harder and less precise. Poll results are listed in the table below in reverse chronological order. However, a result along those lines wouldn't mean their vote share was approximately flat across the country. With just 18 days to the election, 20 million ballots have already been cast showing Democrats with an edge in the share of early votes cast, especially in Florida. Donald Trump has less than three weeks to convince voters he deserves another four more years in the Oval Office but continues to trail his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in national opinion polls. Question specified an election taking place in October, Including the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Féin with 1%, Including the British National Party with 1%, Including the Women's Equality Party with 1%, Including Alliance, Democratic Unionist Party, Social Democratic and Labour Party and Sinn Féin with 1%, Including the Democratic Unionist Party with 2%.

Over the last seven days the Conservatives have continued their upward trend in the BBC poll tracker whilst the Brexit Party are still drifting downwards. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats have fallen to 17% - their lowest since the start of June. So there will be even more movements in the poll tracker over the coming weeks.

Obama has since weighed in on disturbing early voting delays seen in Georgia and elsewhere, underlining the importance of being organised and casting a ballot. The election was held on 12 December 2019.

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