presumed innocent ending

Meanwhile, Rusty's boss, Raymond Horgan (Brian Dennehy), is concerned with campaigning for re-election while opposed by his former subordinate Nico Della Guardia (Tom Mardirosian) and Della Guardia's new deputy, Tommy Molto (Joe Grifasi). [9] Ford said, "Friends warned me this was a tough role because Rusty is such a passive, interior character. You know, I don't remember even really wondering who killed Carolyn (her name, right?). She expresses that she had left enough evidence for Rusty to know that she committed the crime, but did not anticipate him being charged with the murder. And y’all thought I had given up on the Pakulathon. The biggest break comes when Sandy discovers Carolyn had her tubes tied six and a half years earlier and would have no need for a diaphragm and spermicidal jelly. And y'all thought I had given up on the Pakulathon. Simplest of all, I wanted to tell the audience to leave their baggage at home — not to expect the Harrison Ford they've seen before.
User Reviews Coupled with its international take of $135 million, it accumulated $221,303,188 in worldwide box office totals.
Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer initially offered $300,000, financed by Paramount Pictures, but backed down when bids climbed to $750,000.

Innocent aired on TNT on November 30, 2011 as part of the network's "Mystery Movie Night", a collection of six made-for-television films based on best-selling novels. Things happen to him. Tim Brayton, our seasoned film critic, shares a more critical view of film, an appreciation for vintage cinema and perhaps limited-release movies that we might otherwise miss. Rusty and Carolyn's affair is unknown to others in their personal and professional circles.

[46], Presumed Innocent was followed by a two-part television miniseries, The Burden of Proof (1992). After an unsuccessful pre-production development at United Artists, the project moved to Warner Bros., and Pakula was brought in to rewrite the script with Pierson before signing on as the film's director in January 1989. Though it has a very different plot and style, I found the motives similar. Welcome back. Point of view; getting around the first person narrative; time sequence; it's all flashback and Hollywood doesn't like that; and then just an awful lot of plot. Stern also confesses that he and Raymond knew that Lyttle was taking bribes, and although Lyttle had offered his resignation, Raymond felt that he was a brilliant judge and deserved another chance. She arranged things so that Rusty would know she murdered Carolyn, but she knew he would keep it to himself and label the crime "unsolvable."

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