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I think he's gone after the election regardless of what happens, quite frankly, but it might not be immediately after. I was recently asked a pretty tough question: “what is the most important issue in the criminal justice system?”. She reminded me of a grotesque dead mako on the beach. 27 Jul, 2020 7:37am . That means you can go out and cast your vote right now - whether you've already enrolled or not. A significant minority of voters will dissent, however.I will be one ... On the eve of the election, the Prime Minister wants New Zealanders to know the Greens will be given a very small seat at the table, quite literally. Now that he's ruled out working with NZ First, watch as the Nats set their sights on the Greens - expect an all-out blue-on-green attack. “I am keen to see this Fund support Pacific ... Up to 50 Māori apprentices in Wellington will receive paid training to build houses for their local communities, thanks to a $2.75 million investment from the Māori Trades and Training Fund, announced Employment Minister Willie Jackson today. Since it lasted a couple of hours when I visited him, it formed an enduring memory for me – but for him it never happened. Written By: ... Labour's campaign manager says the party needs time to digest the results before turning to any decision about forming a government. Memories don’t get deleted as such, they get buried (repressed) or twisted, especially unpleasant (traumatic) ones. Yeah, nah. The New Zealand Maori Council has called the election result an overwhelming win for the Maori vote turnout calling it historic. "To tax people on their savings over that, I think, is a pretty vicious thing to do," she told reporters in Auckland on Thursday.

In denial. Claire Trevett: How long can Judith Collins survive? But there are fewer options than 2002 (Dunne is done) and no sign of any party breaking through from outside Parliament.

The Green Party will invest funding in community agriculture and urban food gardens in places like Auckland city centre. "These numbers aren't even in the same ballpark as our internal polls, other public polls and the hugely positive public response to our leader, Judith Collins," Brownlee said in his statement. This blog post is part 1 of a series of excerpts from. . 9 – Michael Woodhouse (Labour to retain Dunedin North)

Jenna Lynch The Greens … Amy Adams (retiring) But here's a surprise: a quarter of the Greens' supporters think the wealthy should not be taxed further. MMP gives those right-leaning voters more options, but fewer now than when MMP started – a legacy of National eating their allies. Economic Resilience or Policy Brilliance? Moving on, here are those who’d need to find new employment if National can’t close the gap: 14 – Melissa Lee (Labour to retain Mt Albert) It comes as the latest Newshub-Reid Research polling shows the Greens could be onto something with voters, with nearly half of the country believing the wealthy need to be taxed more. Rotorua And the bad news for National may not be over. The Electoral Commission has released the election night results for the 2020 General Election. This was a doozy, definitely proving that UMR wasn’t off-base with the leaked results and that National is giving a disastrous performance, worthy of 2002 Bill English- in fact, literally only 0.1% better than that final 1999 election result for National. Dr. Ashley Bloomfield reported at today’s 1pm health briefing that the Coronavirus turns out not to exist, but that information was also withheld on the same grounds. Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, wherever in the world you might be. As for the minor parties, no one is even cracking 1 percent. If ACT leader David Seymour could retain the Epsom seat, ACT would have four MPs. The result reinforces the importance of New Zealand First winning an electorate seat, not only to survive but to give Labour options if the Greens don't survive.


Starts off, “are you taping me?”. This sort of model tends to be the best way to predict the overall number of electorate victories, (1 to ACT, 0 to NZF, 35 to National, 35 to Labour) so please take individual calls with a grain of salt, but those numbers will likely be good predictors as we get closer to election date, if the number of electorate wins becomes relevant. yes – I've always urged people at election time to go along to the meetings and actually have a look at the people who want their vote. Yes, I expect Labour will lose about 7-8% by election day from their high, (if this is it…) assuming no big political events happen that shift the dynamic further like COVID-19 did. Here’s how National’s record on Christchurch compares to our progress so far. Walker has also resigned after admitting leaking the information to journalists. Really detailed. Specifically, there has been a casting call for people comfortable with nudity: A new report showing that the effects of climate change are already being felt in Aotearoa New Zealand shows the importance of the Green Party pushing for urgent action in the next Government.

And because the two major parties are neck-and-neck, they are going to need all the help they can get. "I think it's really important that people think about what they're hearing on the ground and what we're hearing on the ground is entirely different. So unhappy righties will have to stick with National or back ACT. I should also point out that analysing electorates under MMP is, from a systemic viewpoint at least, (although not necessarily 100% in voter behaviour) functionally identical to FPP. Patrick Gower, Political Editor TV3/Mediaworks As of today, over 1.4 million New Zealanders have already cast their votes in this year’s election. What this really lets us do though, is predict how many National MPs will retain or lose their seats, and it’s an absolute bloodbath. NZ First support tends to bounce back closer to campaign o'clock - so NZ First shouldn't be underestimated. New Plymouth The short answer is that most of them don't. Endorsements Good news...3 News maintains its track record as the number one news poll!

Is National really better than Labour with the economy? I hope they cleaned the studio after she left. Ever since then I have seen almost universal admiration for Jacinda Ardern. The Newshub poll of 1000 people, conducted between July 16-24, has a margin of error of 3.1 per cent. Yeah, I thought you might have heard of it. ... Election 2020: Leaders neck-and-neck according to Herald interactive. For reasons I am unable to really explain, we will not have even a preliminary result for the end of life choice and cannabis legalisation referendums for some weeks (I dropped the ball on that one when the referendum legislation was before ... National are dismissing tonight’s election result as an “obvious outlier”. He was right! Exclusive .

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