sea fever creature

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Dan Skip Allen

That's why the film rapidly turns uncomfortable when she decides to board a fishing boat that's going into the sea, as a way to expand her investigation on the creatures that live in the Irish waters that surround them. Review originally published during the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in October 2019.

July 2020 All told, however, Sea Fever presents a reasonably compelling new take on classic genre fair. There’s obviously some influence from classics of the genre such as Alien, and that manifests itself in the film’s heroine. Camden Ferrell April 2020 June 2020 It's a fascinating concept, particularly considering how little we actually know about the abysmal life underwater, the unknown mysteries, and how monstrous the things that we've found about truly are. Initially seen as a burden by her peers (her hair color is said to bring bad luck), the protagonist eventually proves herself to be the most resourceful member of the crew, and her arc is compelling.

Slobhán struggles with her own self regarding the rest, and the film makes us feel that through the isolation of the ocean and her own face, which becomes a place where most of the changes in the film happen.

Photo courtesy of DUST/Gunpowder & Sky. There are the sailors, and then there is the scientist.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Hardiman brings a very traditional horror style to the movie, and it is nice to see filmmakers using these tried-and-true suspense tactics as opposed to cheap jump scares and an overreliance on blood and guts. Neasa Hardiman manages to create a curious ambiance, focusing on the idle moments on the boat, the dead time if you will, the moments we spend in solitude with each of the people of the crew, particularly the protagonist, who becomes more and more passionate, and has to force herself to care about those around her, under the crisis of a possible widespread parasite infection. The protagonist, Siobhán (played by a wonderful Hermione Corfield), is a marine biologist in search of her PhD who absolutely abhors any sort of social communication that isn't related to the work that she's doing. At times it feels that it will lead to that, as the parasite infection remains mostly mysterious, and at times even invisible (and unbelievable) for a long time, thus turning to the acting abilities of the cast to both tense things up and advance the plot. An Irish production, Sea Fever liberally sparkles in moments of Gaelic mysticism. (L-R) Jack Hickey as Johnny and Dougray Scott as Gerard in the sci-fi film “SEA FEVER,” a DUST/Gunpowder & Sky release. Sea Fever is an effectively creepy oceanic take on The Thing with an added urgency from the coronavirus pandemic.

Jaime Grijalba Gomez Hermione Corfield plays the lead in the movie and does a wonderful job as the badass woman at the center of the film. February 2020 Although the film’s core premise is pretty basic, that is exactly what a movie like this needs to succeed. November 2019 August 2020 The ship becomes somewhat stuck as the monster attaches its tentacles to the sides of the ship, but it's not until later that we truly know the nature of how a series of larva-like creatures grow inside the eyes of the infected. October 2020 March 2020 Tasked with studying whatever creatures of the deep the ship pulls up in its nets, our heroine is forced to deal with so much more as a bioluminescent squid-like creature ensnares the ship and lets loose a lethal parasite among the crew.

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