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It is the responsibility of the student swapping the ticket to monitor the status of the swap as the ticket assignment remains the same on their account until accepted by the other student. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TICKET FOR THIS WEEK'S HOME GAME YOU CAN GET ON THE WAITLIST. If a student forgot to request a ticket, they would still be able to purchase one after the unclaimed tickets are released. For more information and updates on the Covid-19 precautions being taken, before attending a game in Neyland Stadium, visit If you transfer your ticket it will be pending on your account until the other student accepts or denies your transfer request or you cancel your transfer request. Emails will be sent to all eligible students once the date is finalized. Heck, let those that are in the lower bowl stay as well. Students enter through Gate 30 for upper deck ticket assignments or Gate 31 for lower deck ticket assignments. You can cancel your pending swap request at any time prior to the party accepting the request. Verify your ticket assignment and gate by accessing MyTickets from myBama, UA Mobile Application in the Student feature, or Action Card . It has already been announced tailgating will not happen this Fall. That is something that I cannot emphasize enough. Yes, Tide Pride members do provide the school with millions of dollars every year. Football Tickets Due to the recently announced SEC schedule changes + reduced stadium capacity, we will not be partnering with Athletics this year to sell any football tickets. Every Fall I realize I would give anything to have one more game as a student. Students will receive a portion of those allotted tickets at $20 per ticket. If you want to purchase a student guest ticket, you must stop by the Alabama Ticket Office the week of each home game to convert the ticket. Students may only request one ticket from each group. The university will not be sponsoring any tailgates this year. An event called “Smokies Game Day Experience” is new to UT home games this year. Because of their love for their alma mater. (Both students must be eligible for transfer to be processed.) The Alabama Football team will be playing in front of just 20 percent of the usual capacity this Fall. If the student accepts the transfer, the ticket balance will transfer and the student who receives the ticket must log in to his/her myTickets account to confirm that his/her account has a balance of 1 for their upper-or-lower bowl ticket assignment. 40 percent of the student tickets will go to Seniors, 20 percent to Juniors, 15 percent to Sophomores, 15 percent to Freshman, and 10 percent to graduate students. This global pandemic has taken enough. Thousands of fans from across the nation trek to Tuscaloosa each season to watch a caliber of play simply unmatched by most, especially when rival SEC squads pay a visit. Many also donate thousands more to their school, bringing in large amounts of revenue and funds for the academic as well as athletic side of Alabama. I'm not saying that students should be the only ones allowed in the stadium come this fall. Fans without tickets are not permitted to travel to campus solely to tailgate this season. There is no question football season will look dramatically different this year… assuming we even make it far enough to start the season. Students who require accessible seating may enter through their assigned student gate and locate the nearest usher to escort them to the student accessible seating area. Students who fall into this category include, but are not limited to, members of the Million Dollar Band, Cheerleaders, NCAA athletes, and Capstone Men and Women. The donated ticket will be issued upper or lower bowl assignment based on original assignment status. However, if it happens, the Alabama Football athletics department needs to reevaluate their ticket allocations plan before moving forward. If you do not see a balance of 1, call 205-348-2288 during normal business hours as quickly as you can. There will also be additional security to enforce the guidelines in place, especially within the student section. One of the best football programs in the SEC, Alabama Crimson Tide Football has a reputation and record that is hard to beat. With students as the priority rather than the alumni, the school could see a revitalized young alumni fanbase. If anything, college students should be given preference. Group B games are Alabama and Florida. Many of us would call our college days 'the best days of our lives.'. In previous years students have been able to request a ticket to any football game they decide they would like to attend. Student sections are known for being loud and obnoxious. For at least their home opener against Kentucky, all general tickets will be reserved for Auburn students. This author does not have any more posts. Check your ticket balance by logging in to MyTickets on the Monday prior to that home game to make sure you have access to the game. And I'm not talking amongst the student body. New Grad/Transfer split packages will be located in the lower level. However, what right do we have to deprive the student body of an enjoyable college experience? Third, attending football games as a student is a right of passage. Ahead of the Alabama-Georgia game on Oct. 17, students are scrambling to buy and sell their tickets far above face value. Many things will be different when it comes to Saturday football games in Knoxville, Tennessee. Only acceptance by the other student will transfer the ticket balance from your account. You can cancel your pending transfer request at any time prior to the party accepting the request. But I propose that the school open the entire upper deck to the student body for the 2020 season, allowing as many students as possible to attend (and properly practice social distancing). That would result in 20,000 fewer people traveling into the city. However, if nearly all 20,000 of those individuals are college students, you might have a chance. Only allowing students to purchase general admission tickets is the smart decision, and it’s one Alabama Athletics Director, Greg Byrne, should seriously consider. The screenshot was forwarded to me from a student.). More details will be sent via email once finalized. Alabama Crimson Tide news from FanSided Daily, Alabama Football: Things for fans to do instead of tailgating, Alabama Basketball: How NBA Lottery results impact Kira Lewis’s future, Alabama Football: UA students are proving Nick Saban wrong, Manchester United's Harry Maguire Released from Custody, Pleads Not Guilty, Alabama Football: Good news and not-so-good news from Tuscaloosa, Alabama Football: Doomsday scenarios for the SEC, Alabama Crimson Tide: Mayhem ahead for college sports. Once the rosters for these organizations are finalized, students who are members of these organizations will receive refunds for the tickets they have purchased. This will remove the student ticket from your Action Card. Sign into my Account | Renew Season Tickets | Buy Tickets | TIDE PRIDE | Group Tickets | Donation/Transfer | Student Tickets | Email Sign-up Football Ticket 18 Tennessee vs. Kentucky game day preview, Tennessee unable to keep up with Georgia in second-half shootout. Click here to see the eligibility requirements to purchase full season packages for the 2020 season. When all of us reflect upon our time in college, most of us look back on those days as days of learning, reflection and overall enjoyment of life. video platform powered by CBS Sports Digital. Fall is here and so is the FAFSA: tips and tricks for filing, Early Voting Begins in Knox County, Continues Through Oct. 29, Clery Compliance Reports Carjacking Involving Student in White Avenue Parking Garage, No. | Privacy Alabama Students Issued Refund for Football Tickets, Creates Controversy Joey Blackwell I'm going to start this by just saying that my opinion on this topic is bound to cause some controversy.

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