why was jupiter ascending so bad

And the characters thus get pushed to the margins, even Jupiter and Caine, whose star-crossed love story is inert and unconvincing . ', Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of February 15, 2015 - featuring new films 'Fifty Shades of Grey' & 'Kingsman: The Secret Service.'.

Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of February 22, 2015, featuring new releases such as 'McFarland, USA' and 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Me, I’ll settle for ‘just plain silly.’ Seems like the Wachowski siblings, Andy and Lana, had just one really good movie in them, and that was ‘The Matrix.’ It’s been downhill ever since.”, “The plot of ‘Jupiter Ascending’ is ridiculously overstuffed, with huge swaths of exposition that might be better suited to a role-playing-game manual. The bad news is, Jupiter Ascending‘s release date was shunted back from summer 2014 to the beginning of February, allowing more time to polish the special effects.

He swooshes around without a shirt but with a black cape for two hours, speaking only in whispers except for the very occasional ridiculous outburst. Trailer, Its Comic-Con panel blew the roof off the place, and Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult look completely off the chain in the franchise's latest installment. ‘Insanely bloated'; that works. We look back at our favorite (and best) movies of 2014 as well as look forward to Screen Rant's most anticipated films of 2015! We're eager to see how they say goodbye to Brian O'Conner.

Two warriors, Caine (Tatum) and Stinger (Bean), have been tasked with protecting Jupiter and helping her claim Earth's throne. Mark Birrell May 26, 2020.

Is it too early to start taking Oscar bets? "Smash" alum Jeremy Jordan co-stars. It doesn’t matter!

He is so over-the-top I am not sure where the top even is anymore.

Trailer, Brad Bird's highly secretive and highly anticipated project stars George Clooney as an inventor and rising star Britt Robertson as a teen who gets transported ... somewhere. It also serves pure, pristine Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who can do so much better than this, but chooses not to – and for that, I respect her. . With the exception of ‘Bound,’ the duo have consistently asked for only minimal acting from their casts, with the spectacle usually doing the heavy lifting. Actor Neil Fingleton, who played Mag the Mighty in Game of Thrones and the Fisher King in Doctor Who, has passed away due to heart failure. I mean, I want to have a serious discussion about the film’s plot, but I honestly can’t. It’s unusual to see ships where all the pieces are separate, held together, I’m assuming, by some weird anti-grav field, and I could have gleefully watched them zoom around in space all day. Trailer, It's been way too long since there's been a "Jurassic Park" movie, and the franchise seems to be in extremely capable hands led by star Chris Pratt, who's proving to be our new favorite action hero.

Two Anna Kendrick musicals, Paul Walker’s final “Fast and Furious” and 22 more movies we can’t wait to see, Tarnished Titans ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and ‘Seventh Son’ to Clash at Box Office, his review of the “utterly ridiculous” movie, ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Review: The Wachowskis Craft a Sci-Fi Saga That’s Breathlessly Exciting But Utterly Ridiculous, Mila Kunis Reveals She Never Planned to Get Married — Until She Met Ashton Kutcher. Racism vs.

When the range extends from confused to bored, it’s not a good sign. If you figure it out, let me know … The acting doesn’t help.

I rarely feel that way about movies, but this one needed some sort of tie-in comic or novel at the very least to make it work in a two-hour window.

It's 2015 and the new year brings new slate of exciting movies opening in theaters over the next 12 months. That is usually great — if the movie is a comedy. There are several big-budget films releasing in 2015 - these are the ones we think could have the hardest time delivering at the box office. Maybe the Wachowskis think they’re making ‘Star Wars,’ but it’s closer to ‘Dune’ — horribly plotted and embarrassingly acted. Here are some of the reasons why Jupiter Ascending isn't as bad as its reputation suggests and some of the reasons why its critics are right. Trailer, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's characters are set to become the next cinematic power couple in this highly anticipated adaptation of E.L. James' "mommy porn" hit.

Alien worlds, super spies, time travelling hot tubs and bondage? What about the plot could possibly matter when part of it involves Mila Kunis as the reincarnation of an ancient space princess who falls in love with a Channing Tatum-shaped half-wolf hybrid angel alien with anti-gravity roller skates and a great debt to pay off? They’re just given silly things to do.”, “Detached from all logic, blind to 50 years of science-fiction cliches and brimming with only bad ideas, ‘Jupiter Ascending’ is what happens when creative freedom slides into lunacy . Quentin Tarantino rarely gets it wrong, and the juicy history of the making-of this one makes it especially must-watch. Amazing "Gone Girl" raised anticipation for "Dark Places," also based on a Gillian Flynn bestseller. That’s Jupiter Ascending.

Trailer, Chris Hemsworth plays dashing first mate aboard the Essex, the real ship attacked by a giant whale that inspired literary classic "Moby Dick." At the end of the day, the overwhelming feeling I had when leaving Jupiter Ascending was this: I really, really want a Mass Effect movie. 'Jupiter Ascending' is a baffling mix of material that is both impressively innovative, and utterly ridiculous.

Eddie Redmayne knows Jupiter Ascending is bad.

From Bound to Jupiter Ascending, we’re taking a look at the work of director Lilly and Lana Wachowski and ranking it from worst to best. Her first book, THE FANGIRL'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY will be out soon from Quirk Books.
Okay, I’m going to try. Lovecraft filmed it.

The year is coming to an end and it's been a year of hits and misses at the box office. Let’s try ‘epically awful’ on for size. The film reaches a feverish peak thanks to Eddie Redmayne, who plays the villain Balem with a hoarse whisper, sensuous eye-rolls and the camp hauteur of Bette Davis (he even waves around a nonexistent cigarette). Why Are the Two Generations of Charmed Ones Fighting. Representation: The Missteps of Naomi Novik’s, The Trump Campaign Trashing Mr. Rogers Really Just Says It All, Competing With Biden’s Town Hall Did Not Go Well for Donald Trump, Latinx Creators Are Fed Up With Hollywood’s Exclusion: “We Are Tired”, Feel Helpless About Politics?
Sadly, that’s not the case here. Kunis may as well have ‘I find this ridiculous’ tattooed on her forehead.”, Also Read: ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Review: The Wachowskis Craft a Sci-Fi Saga That’s Breathlessly Exciting But Utterly Ridiculous. We've only been waiting 10 years. February 2015 features an eclectic array of movies. But since the visual effects are so incoherent in ‘Jupiter Ascending,’ it makes the wooden performances by everyone involved look especially bad. [MILD SPOILERS THAT DO NOT MATTER AT ALL RE: YOUR ENJOYMENT OF THIS FILM AHEAD]. 177, Screen Rant’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015, What TIME 13 Reasons Why Season 4 Releases On Netflix, Lord of the Rings: Peter Jackson's Movies Made Isildur More Heroic. Here are the 7 we're looking forward to. Every Wachowski Sisters Movie Ranked Worst To Best, 5 Reasons Why Jupiter Ascending Isn’t As Bad As People Say It Is (& 5 Reasons It Is), The 10 Worst Movies Of The Decade That Aren't From A Major Franchise (According To IMDb), 10 Underrated Fantasy Films From The 2010s You Have To See, Game of Thrones' Neil Fingleton Dies at 36, 2016 Razzie Nominations Include Fifty Shades, Paul Blart & Fan4stic, The Riskiest Box Office Bets of 2015 - Revisited, Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: February 15, 2015, Sean Bean Talks The Wachowskis' Imagination & His Characters' Dying Habit, Jupiter Ascending & Daredevil Trailer – SR Underground Ep.

Its just plain old bad.

Which, I guess, means I would pay for a sequel.

Admit it, including yours.

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